Our Favorites from Copenhagen Fashion Week


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From Copenhagen Fashion Week

If you love fashion then you might think you know all about “Fashion Week” - or rather the big four: New York, London, Milan and Paris. Well similar to tennis that has 4 major grandslams and a bunch of smaller tournaments, there are many lesser known fashion weeks as well. Whether this is a good thing or not is up for debate. Sweden, in fact, cancelled Stockholm Fashion Week while it considers how to do it more sustainably.

The leader in sustainable fashion weeks is Copenhagen. And it’s no joke. They even outline on their site how they’re supporting UN Sustainability Goals and are introducing standards that brands must meet to show their collections. At this point however, just because a brand is showing doesn’t guarantee they are sustainable. So we found a half dozen that are to share with you.

Stine Goya

Stine Goya_039.jpg

Stine Goya called their collection “The House of Goya” inspired by Paris is Burning and Kiki which seems….a little weird to see in a Scandinavian country? But before I hear protests of “appropriation” know that Goya had actual voguers from ballroom communities across the world sashaying in her show. The rest of the models were cast by selecting women who applied via an app. This combination of casting made it easily the most diverse runway of the week - and the most exuberant.

Cecilie Bahnsen

When I think of Scandinavian women I can’t help but think of old films with long white cotton lace dresses with voluminous sleeves. This collection seems a bit like an updated version of that theme and it works brilliiantly.


This label is 10 years old and it’s the first I’ve heard of it, but they’re opening their first store stateside this year in New York and LA (and London) and I’m excited to see what develops.


Loving the electric colors and prints on prints in this collection. And fear not, animal lovers: the leather is vegan and some made from pineapple leaves!

Baum und Pferdgarten

To quote their gram: We strongly believe in the importance of circularity and are working to become more sustainable in everything we do. Spring Summer 2020 is the next step on this journey. Over 40% of the collection has been sourced from responsible fibres, including organic and recycled cotton, as well as recycled polyester made from plastic bottles. We used organic and recycled denims that have been dyed in a new process that uses 85% less water ♻️ Our Note: And we strongly believe in a blush colored sweater that has “LET ME DANCE” built into the knit. Gorgeous? Beyond!



Holzweiler calls their collections “Ready to wear for all genders” and we couldn’t agree more. This look has an easygoing elegance that we would happily live in day in / day out. “The present is all about the design of our new store, outfitted by Norwegian architects Snøhetta, and looking to the future, we are so inspired by the strong environmental values of the Gen Z audience.” stated creative director Suzanne Holzweiler after the show