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Cultural Currency X Style For The Planet


Welcome to NO KILL MAG, an inspiring platform that brings you a diverse array of stories from across the globe, centered around conscious living, ethical practices, and a circular approach to fashion.

We live in a world that has slowly been killing our humanity. Through toxic chemicals in our waters to toxic messages on social media. BUT WE KNOW this toxicity is not all there is and the immediate death of our species is not inevitable.

Our mission is to be your go-to guide for fashion and lifestyle habits that prioritize the well-being of people and the planet. –information to live more intentionally and with respect for nature.




  • Cultural changemakers


  • FUN




So many of us feel overwhelmed by the world, so we asked ourselves what we could do to change this. And the answer we came up with was to find our own role models and inspirations and share them with you. And in turn invite you to share with us.

We’ll be sharing with you innovative designers rethinking fashion production, how to re-imagine what you already own, and interviews with young activists and cultural producers who are not simply giving up and giving in but –forgive the cliché– being the change they want to see.

 And we will do this imperfectly. We’re not holier than thou or casting judgments on others. We think there’s a lot out there that is Beautiful. Outrageous. Joyful. Innovative. Exciting AND good for the planet. And that’s what you’ll find in here.

Fall Interns Wanted

Job description

No Kill Magazine is a fast growing online publication that covers fashion and lifestyle –but only that which is good for people and planet. To quote the late great Alexander McQueen: “There comes a time when you focus solely on what is right, regardless of what everybody else is doing.” Fast fashion is killing the planet! Can we be fun and fashionable without it? Hell yes!

We are looking for a few ambitious interns who are passionate about sustainability and fashion to assist us in a variety of ways. This could include researching about historical fashion trends, updating existing articles and making Pinterest Pins. There may also be the opportunity to write your own articles with your own byline towards the end of the internship. Candidates must have a passion for fashion and sustainability, great writing skills and have superb attention to detail. Fashion and journalism majors are encouraged to apply. You will work remotely in close collaboration with your editors.

Note: this is unpaid but can be used to fulfill college internship credit requirements.
A 5 hour weekly time commitment


  • A strong grasp of English and proper grammar
  • An ability to discover and write about current trends and news within sustainable/ethical fashion and young activism spheres
  • A friendly and informative writing style
  • Good at taking direction and corrections.
  • Familiarity and comfort with TikTok and Pinterest (or willing to learn)


  • Learn how an online publication works
  • Mentored as you grow your writing ability and your voice
  • Flexible hours and remote work opportunity
  • Potentially your own byline in a respected online publication

If interested please send us:

  • A brief letter as to why you are interested in interning at No Kill Magazine
  • current resume
  • A sample of your writing or a design portfolio
  • 2-3 publications (online or print) that you regularly read
  • 2-3 article topic ideas that you feel you could write and would fit in well with our existing content. (1 sentence for each)
  • If there are other skills you have that you feel would be an asset you can include those as well.

send the above to


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