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Emerging Entrepreneurs in Sustainable Fashion by Eileen Fisher Leadership Institute


We know the fashion industry is one of the largest polluters in the world. We know that young people are entering school for a workforce that will look drastically different by the time they graduate. With the rise of technology, social media and a shift in the way business is done, what will the future of fashion look like? Who is at the forefront of creating a future that we need - a future filled with sustainable industry, and business models that care for people and planet?

Join the Eileen Fisher Leadership Institute at the EILEEN FISHER Brooklyn store for a panel discussion on emerging entrepreneurs and social media influencers who are making a change in sustainable fashion featuring Jenny WelbournKailee McKenzie and Avery GinsbergDominique Drakeford, and Lexie Lombard

The panel will be moderated by Corinna Williams, Co-Founder of Celsious.



47 Bergen Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201