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From Good Ideas to Action for Good by Eileen Fisher Leadership Institute



Have you ever had an idea that you wanted to make into reality? Had an idea that danced on the edge of your mind but didn’t know how to land in reality? Even when we do bring ideas into existence, how do we make sure that they can not only sustain themselves but that they also will do no harm to people or planet? Moreover, how do we evolve good ideas to do more good in the world?

We, at the Eileen Fisher Leadership Institute, think about these things a lot, particularly as they relate to ethical fashion, fashion for good. We use design thinking to prototype new ideas and think through innovative and sustainable product development. We’ve invited some of our friends, leaders from Parsons, EILEEN FISHER Renew/Waste No More, NYU, Makishi Apparel and Thinx to share their processes for solution-based design and ethical fashion. Join us to get insight, inspiration and an in-depth view of what it takes to move not just an idea to action, but a good idea to action for good.

This panel will be moderated by Antoinette Klatzky, the Executive Director of the Eileen Fisher Leadership Institute.

395 West Broadway
New York, NY 10012

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