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Fashion and Sustainability - Everything You Need To Know


Fashion has always influenced more than just itself. A microcosm of sub-businesses ranging from agriculture to waste management, fashion is a proxy for many industries. The complexities of the value chain are entangled, working synergistically to deliver business value. As the global economy becomes more interconnected and competitive, and digitization across the supply chain redefinesvalue and drives transparency, fashion needs to be able to anticipate and mitigate risks at an acceleratedpace.

So how does sustainability link with the apparel and accessories industry? Leaders are being called upon to act as corporate statesmen and women, but navigating global targets like the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals are abstract and don’t align with the disciplines of the business.

This course provides an overview of what sustainability actually means and how your organization can move beyond Corporate Social Responsibility to integrate sustainable practices across all business units. The discussion will use real-life case studies from the Fair Fashion Center to demonstrate clear linkages between economic value creation as well as environmental and social sustainability.


  • Translation of global issues and how they align with the disciplines of the apparel and accessories industry

  • The political, economic, social and ethical influences that have shaped, and continue to influence the dialogue and state of sustainability in fashion today

  • How leading fashion brands are using social and environmental factors to drive profitability


Hosted by the GCNYC Fair Fashion Center, Taught by Maggie Kervick and Frank Zambrelli

Frank is a design, merchandising and branding chief executive with a portfolio of businesses that span the luxury sector, including his award-winning studio, Design Quadrant. He recently launched the New York-based digital custom luxury brand, 1 Atelier, transforming manufacturing in the sector. He has, since its inception, served as a Senior Advisor to GCNYC’s Fair Fashion Center, and is also the current Chairman of the Accessories Council.

Glasgow Caledonian New York College (GCNYC)
64 Wooster St
New York, NY 10012

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