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MAINSTREAMING SUSTAINABILITY: A Conversation with Changemakers at a Time of Change


The BF+DA is bringing together our community to celebrate on June 3rd. Come toast the BF+DA team and share one last evening with amazing people.

Lewis Perkins, President, Apparel Impact Institute
Deb Johnson, Executive Director, BF+DA
Richa Agarwal, Managing Director, BF+DA
Tara St James, Production Coordinator, BF+DA
Amy DuFault, Communications Director, BF+DA

As we approach 2020, the benchmark year for achieving sustainability targets for many companies and institutions, it’s time to assess our success. How are we faring, what gains have been made, what do we need to accomplish by 2030? From supply chains to policy change, investment to education, labor justice to bio-generated materials, sustainable solutions are gaining traction globally. Leveraging this traction and scaling change is key. Maintaining our passion amidst the complex set of interrelated levers that drive change is critical, especially when the goal requires a massive change to how we think and act.

Join us for an inspiring conversation with Lewis Perkins, President of the Apparel Impact Institute and the BF+DA team to examine the future and current state of sustainability with implementing real-world solutions from the perspectives of circularity, policy, business and education.

This will be our farewell event at our old home and the inauguration of a new series in thought-leadership events to come.


Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator

630 Flushing Ave, 7th Floor 
Brooklyn, NY 11206 United States

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