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Pildora's Sustainable ARTxFASHION


Pildora is a creative lifestyle brand and events company centered on sustainable fashion, environmental consciousness, and social impact. We work to create a conscious fashion community through our events, our content, and events such as this.


We are launching Pildora Boutique featuring sustainable designers from all over the world. It will be the one stop shop for all things sustainable fashion online.

One of our biggest goals has always been to communicate sustainability through different art forms which is why we have planned ARTxFashion. So join us, for a night of art, fashion, movement, and fun.



The ARTxFashion reception will be at The Canvas By Querencia Studio in Williamsburg, NYC on the evening of July 18th. Be inspired by the meaningful works of ecological artists and sustainable designers working to create an impact on our earth, while you meet eco-fashion designers, view their garments, and sip on delicious drinks at the evening art and fashion reception.

We will open with a private art reception where you can view Michael Murphy of Perceptual Art's Climate Change Is Real installation as well as his new piece that has never been seen before called Complex. Visit his site at

That night there will also be an ice installation by activist and artist Daniel Harrington Jr. called Ice Clocks. With each ice block weighing 300 pounds, this installation is meant to replicate our melting ice caps. There will also be a live painting by model activist Brana Dane, who paints human models to convey different messages about the human form.

To top it all off there will also be a Pildora pop-up featuring sustainable designers from our recently launched online boutique and our own curated sustainable fashion show. Designers include Pearce and AndAgain. You are invited to try on and shop while you enjoy some rosé and live music on this beautiful New York City night.