Fall Fashion Revamped: 16 Chic and Earth-Friendly Jackets for the Season

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Although the temperature indicates otherwise, summer is over. While we wait for the cooler weather to set in, we’re sizing up the best of what fall fashion has to offer: jackets!!

A jacket is much more than just something to keep you warm: it is an indispensable fashion item for any layering and mix-n-matching that are essential in creating almost every look. Adding a jacket to your closet is not like hauling excessive stuff, in fact, it helps you come up with more outfit ideas – in other words, making more use out of your current pieces.

So yes, a great jacket might be the missing piece to your wardrobe puzzle as we transition into fall. The higher than normal temperatures mean that you may want to hold off on the heat-strapping overcoats for now, and opt for some breezier outerwear. The basic rule of thumb is to check for the component of fabric. At the moment we’re into hemp, linen, and other plant-based fibers or blends, and suggest saving the wool for the chillier months.

Shop our edit of fabulous fall jackets, hand-picked from our trusted, highly eco-conscious sites below.

Slightly Cropped JACKET

This is the perfect length for seasonal transition outerwear. The just-above-belt length, quite similar to that of a biker jacket, allows max breathability and freedom of movement. Plus, this cut means a perfect pairing with those legs-for-days type high-waisted pants and skirts. Opt for a body-fitting mini blazer as an all-purpose jacket, or a loose-fitting collar jacket for an easy breezy look.

Parachute Bomber
| Marfa Stance

Dancing Ballerina Bomber Jacket
By Symbology Clothing


In New York, there’s a very small time window for pulling off a trench. Lighter, silk and linen-based trench coats are practical for early fall days, meaning you can look effortlessly chic even before the November rain sets in. Although their hemlines are the longest on our list, their drapey, flowy silhouettes with extra space in arm openings make them the perfect choices for the breezy late summer days (and yes, you can definitely go 1 or 2 sizes larger if you want the oversized look)

There’s hardly anything as sleek as a trench coat – it can make a pair of jeans, or even a pair of slippers look elegant. So take a cue from the French and don’t miss out on this timeless item just because of the warmer weather.

The Marlow Trench
| Christy Dawn


It seems like for most of us, the first time we decide to add a blazer to our wardrobe is when we go to our first job interview. If you’re one of those people, you don’t know what you’ve been missing!

Blazers don’t have to be rigid and boring. The conventional office jacket easily transforms into your own statement item with the simplest of style tweaks, namely pop colors, accented shoulders and belt detailing. You can play around with shoulder pads – the slight bulkiness is what creates this stark contrast between the shoulder line and the waist, sculpting the structure of the entire fit. Oversized and bossy but tapered and feminine at the same time. If you are serious about that street style game, you might not want to skip contrasting: mixing the bulky with the slinky, and the loud, statement pieces with the quiet basics.

More temperate autumn weather means you can still rock a linen or silk blazer, but we’ve included some classic tweed too.

Winston Blazer
By Reformation


’90s fashion is almost more relevant today than it was in the ’90s. Casual sporty jackets are the perfect opportunity to go for pops of color – which is great as the fall usually calls for a bit of dopamine dressing. The classic windbreaker is extremely lightweight, since it’s designed for performance, and these four standouts go the extra mile when it comes to sporty chic.

For the ultimate fun fall fit, try cropped jackets that hit right at the waist. The petite length is too good for summer outerwear and allows you endless opportunities to up your layering game with a flirty bra top, a cami, or any top that you like underneath.


And finally, the denim jacket. The hero item that never goes out of style. The jacket that is appropriate not only for fall, but for any time in the year, thanks to the sturdy yet breathable fabric that is denim.

This year, try venturing out with contrasting volumes of the cocoon sleeves and the waist-fitted hem, or play with the cropped look. Actually, just wear whatever denim jacket you want – they can’t not look cool.

When shopping for your jean jacket, do keep in mind that denim is, still, one of the most environmentally taxing of all fabrics. We STRONGLY recommend you take a look at vintage / upcycled options – or at the very least, responsibly crafted ones, like these guys.

Nina Worker Jacket
By Nudie Jeans

-NKM Staff