Mozhdeh Matin: A Fusion of Cultures in Fashion

In the world of fashion, where trends often overshadow tradition, and sustainability takes a backseat to style, emerging talents like Mozhdeh Matin are a breath of fresh air. Breaking away from the conventional narrative dominated by European and American designers, Matin, brings a unique perspective to the fashion world.

Born in Peru to Iranian parents, Mozhdeh Matin embodies a fusion of cultures reflected in her designs. Her aesthetic, a delicate balance of soothing chaos, is characterized by gentle silhouettes, surprising textures, and a sophisticated palette. What sets Matin apart is not just her creative vision but an unwavering commitment to sustainability and artisanal craftsmanship.

A quote from Peruvian poet Rodrigo Quijano, served as a poignant inspiration

“And in between these spectacular formations of earth and stone, absorbed by times in its own contemplation of accumulated layers, is where the hiding place or artisanal crafts of the devout grotto get together, subtle remains of a human life established poor and surreptitiously at that margin that is that perpendicular below and natural that we ever usually see, that are the entrails we now observe from the height of the distant, high stone.” –Rodrigo Quijano

This evocative passage captures the essence of Peru’s natural beauty and the intricate layers of its cultural heritage.

The collection not only pays homage to Peru’s natural landscapes but also celebrates the connection between the country’s diverse biological communities and the bustling capital of Lima. “A region of transition between two biological communities,” Matin describes, highlighting the rich tapestry of life that inspires her designs.

Mohzdeh Matin
Two looks from the collection with an image of lichen in the middle

Matin’s use of color is both unexpected and exquisite. A favorite look is knit pants and jacket in a muted pale green with a textured acidic green floral print that is reminiscent of lichen – which Matin says was indeed an influence. Another notable piece is a saturated red alpaca midi dress featuring repeated circles in cantaloupe, showcasing Matin’s mastery of color and texture. We also love the felted alpaca wool jackets

Garments made from shiringa – a plant-based alternative to leather.

Exploring new plant-based material

The collection also included shiringa, a plant-based leather alternative. “Hailing from the Peruvian Amazon,” Matin explains, “this plant-based latex has been extracted from Shiringa trees.” Collaborating directly with local communities, Matin explores innovative methods to incorporate shiringa into her designs, supporting sustainable traditions and providing economic opportunities for the region.

However, it’s not just the aesthetics we appreciate; it’s the underlying philosophy that guides her creative process. “Sustainability is important in our supply chain,” Matin emphasizes, “everything has to be created with awareness and make an impact in every area of our work.” From material sourcing to manufacturing, Matin ensures that every decision aligns with her values of environmental responsibility and social impact.

Mozhdeh Matin’s Fall Winter 2024 collection synthesizes a blend of history and contemporary culture. It respects the environment, supports local communities, and preserves traditional crafts. Her work goes beyond fashion; it’s about creating a legacy that connects the past with the present and leads us into a better, more conscious future.

–Katya Moorman

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