Brooklyn’s We Are Atlas Has A Scavenger Hunt for the Earth

–By RosiE Mae

In the heart of Greenpoint there is a Narnia-style gallery, event space, and vintage store known to many… but now specifically to those in the fashion, climate, and arts scene, as 148 Seconds. 

148 Seconds

We recently caught up with Nora of We Are Atlas to chat about the event held at 148 Seconds on November 11th, marking one year since the world’s population became 8 billion. Nora also shared that a new tax-deductible crowdfunding campaign to make NYC a bit cleaner is launching just in time for the holiday season. 

Aside from that, We Are Atlas is reshaping the way we think about activism one scavenger hunt at a time, reprogramming people to protect Earth through exciting immersive “hunts” that incorporate street art and short films.

The newly launched campaign is also deeply connected to the hunt. Inclusivity is their primary goal, and they encourage EVERYONE on Earth to participate! So whether you have a classroom, are coming from out of town with family, or are just out with a few friends… it’s a special activity to do with others (or solo). Moreover, since one can browse the material as if it were a coffee table book, you don’t even have to be in Brooklyn to understand the content. However, whoever does it in person qualifies to collect practical eco-gifts while funds allow (such as a good quality travel mug and a foldable tote bag).

photo by Elaina Delehant

Meanwhile, the campaign centers on supporting those bodegas willing to switch from free plastic bags to reusable totes! Though the plastic bag ban has been in effect for some time, many businesses haven’t fully complied. New York is one of 10 states that made the shift, but there won’t be results without proper implementation. This is where We Are Atlas comes in by providing easy incentives and ‘compassion8 Earth fashion’ just in time for the holiday gifting season (from collectible art tees to totes, mugs, and dead stock pendants).

“I am not good at counting, but since it was an all-day event and people kept coming & going, I would say there must have been at least 100 people! I was caught up in interesting conversations & good vibes non-stop. Also, the next day, there was a clothing swap at Seconds and I did a group presentation of the eco-art-with-a-message for 15 more people, so you can say ‘over 100 people.” Nora shared with us.

This is such a unique event that we wondered what people thought of it.
“They were really into it; all I spoke to agreed and understood that change is in our/their hands. In fact, a sure way to fight climate anxiety is ‘simple action.’ You get a little bit of dopamine from doing the right thing often. And when you share it & see others doing it, too, you get hope. So, small but consistent action cures anxiety. These actions are known as peaceful personal progress, such as wearing a foldable tote bag, using a travel mug, etc.”

Anxiety, worries, fear, and anger are not the right fuel. When deers are caught in the headlights of a car, they freeze. When you freeze, you stay frozen 😉 When you snap out of anxiety & act, you progress.

We Are Atlas was also at Climate Cafe’s first birthday party at Starr Bar where they shared the latest We Are Atlas merch, campaign information, and a vape recycling collection box. Alongside there was a clothing swap organized in conjunction with Remake.

Opportunities to sport compassionate Earth fashion will continue happening with We Are Atlas. Donate or go on the free hunt to get a compassion8 Earth fashion tote bag, pendant, or reusable mug!