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Kate Sekules is doing #MendMarch Again on Instagram and We’re Here For It!

Kate Sekules, photo by Sara Kerens

This is the year we’ve vowed to care better for our clothes. Sometimes this entails sending things out to an expert –taking in pants, or resoling shoes for example. But other times we can add a bit of DIY into the mix. Or perhaps, DIT –Do It Together! Because this is Mending March and Kate Sekules is once again starting the party on Instagram. And sadly this will be the last year because of how Meta has messed with the hashtags.

How does #MENDMARCH work?

Kate explains it like this

“I thought I’d do #MendMarch with daily prompts. You simply find something in your mending pile –or street, forest, store, museum, cat basket, wherever –that fits the day’s theme, however loosely. Then tag it #MendMarch so we can all share. Here’s my instagram

Do one, do thirty-one, it’s all good. Don’t be literal if you’re not feeling it, but do play along! I want to meet ALL you Visible Menders.”

And if you need a little help get Kate’s book MEND! A Refashioning Manual and Manifesto

A hands-on manual and a history and celebration of clothes tending–and its remarkable resurgence as art form, political statement, and path to healing the planet.

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