What is the Fashion Act and Why it Matters

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Let’s Talk About the Fashion Sustainability and Social Accountability Act

So, here’s the scoop. The fashion world, worth a whopping $2.5 trillion, isn’t just about runway shows and the latest trends. It’s a major player in environmental and social issues – we’re talking big-time carbon emissions, rampant chemical use, and unfortunately, exploiting workers, especially women.

Enter New York – a fashion powerhouse and one of the world’s largest economies. It’s got both the chance and the moral duty to make a change. The Fashion Sustainability and Social Accountability Act is a game-changer. If it gets the green light, New York will be leading the charge in making fashion accountable to our planet and its people.

Why Do We Even Need the fashion act?

  1. Climate Change Alarm Bells! Fashion is heating up the planet, big time. With no real legal environmental standards, the industry’s carbon footprint is massive. Plus, new players like Boohoo and Shein are making things even worse. As New Yorker’s face the brunt of climate change, it’s time to look at fashion’s role in this crisis.
  2. Chemical Catastrophe The fashion world is a chemical fiend, especially in textile mills where our clothes get their color and finish. This leads to toxic waste in our water and health issues for workers and communities.
  3. Labor Exploitation Clothes aren’t made by machines – they’re made by people, often women of color, who are underpaid and overworked. It’s a sad truth that the fashion industry is one of the top exploiters of labor, including child labor.
  4. Business Ethics Let’s face it – most fashion companies put profits over sustainability and worker rights. They need a push to do the right thing, and this law aims to do just that.

So, What’s This Law All About?

The New York State Fashion Act would target apparel and footwear companies doing business in New York with annual revenues over $100 million. It’s all about using New York’s market power to set new sustainability standards.

Key Points of the Act

  1. Know Your Supply Chain Companies need to track their production right down to the raw materials –and publicly disclose it..
  2. Be Responsible Once they know their supply chain, companies must reduce their negative impacts. This includes aligning with the Paris Agreement for climate reduction and managing their chemical use better.
  3. Improve Worker Lives The act aims to uplift garment workers, ensuring fair wages and better working conditions.
  4. Regulations and Enforcement New York’s Department of State would enforce these rules, and companies not complying could face hefty fines.

The Support Squad – including you!

Everyone at No Kill Mag supports this bill. But we’re not the only ones. A diverse group is rallying for this act – from industry leaders like Stella McCartney to Mara Hoffman and Ganni to environmental groups and academic institutions. Everyone’s realizing we need to change the way fashion operates for a better future.

Your next step? Check out thefashionact.org to sign the petition and if you live in Brooklyn (or anywhere in New York State) there are directions to find your New York State Senator (here) and Assemblymember (here) to contact them and tell them you support the Fashion Act.

–Oliver Sackett
All facts from THEfashionact.org

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