Plaine Products Annual Subscription Sale

20% off – for life!

My favorite Plaine Products – Zero Waste Superstars

The A-ha moment. When it comes to sustainability we all have one. For me it was walking through a super Target one day and down the –what seemed endless– aisle of shampoos and conditioners. All I could see were rows of plastic bottles likely destined for landfills or, even worse, the ocean. I vowed then and there to never buy another plastic bottle of shampoo again.

But now what? I wondered. I tried shampoo bars. While they might work for some people they were simply too much work for me to get a good lather. Through a web search I discovered Plaine Products and they’ve been my go-to since then.

Not only are Plaine Products refillable, vegan, and cruelty-free… their shipping is also plastic-free and carbon-neutral! And they’re having their annual Subscription Sale! If you subscribe by EOD 9/22, you can get 20% off refills… for life! Use code SUB2023 at checkout.

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