These tiny indie brands are creating the chunky funky ring you want now


This season fine and dainty jewelry is being swapped for chunky and bright-colored accessories. Statements pieces that are inspired by the ‘80s, and ‘90s are in. Chunky and statement rings have gone viral on almost every social platform and all the celebs are currently wearing them. Due to this trend, so many new businesses have popped up that have created their own angle on these crafty statement pieces. It’s also popular to make yourself out of clay at home – a fun quarantine activity if you’re looking for one!! But if you’re in search of ethical statement rings we’ve got you covered!


La Manso


La Manso has gone viral. They are known for their plastic statement rings that vary in bright colors. Everything the brand sells is made from recycled plastic. Their statement piece rings vary from clear, glittery, and studded rings.


Mon Cher Moi


Mon Cher Moi is a female-run jewelry business out of LA. Their mission is to create funky statement pieces that make their customers feel powerful and joyful. All of their rings are handmade with recycled brass and are hand-painted.




Blobb is a viral Instagram ring shop. Their rings are made in New Mexico by Sofia Elias. She creates her rings out of clay, molds them herself, and glazes them when they are completed. Each ring is unique in its own handcrafted way.



Ballzy Jung is another small Instagram base business. It was started by a university student, Jing Hye, that wasn’t too sure of what they should do with their degree but they knew they wanted to create a platform where they could explore different concepts, medium, and influences. Ballzy Jung also focuses on sustainability and minimizing waste which is why they also sell on a drop base. So if you want their funky checkered rings make sure to turn on their notifications on Instagram!

–Megan Burke