The ‘90s Fashion Trends That Inspire Us Now And Where To Find Secondhand


Fashion is circular and trends are always coming in and out of style. But if we have a favorite decade, it’s the confused and rebellious ‘90s. Tired of the “more is more” excess of the ‘80s a new more minimalist aesthetic came in and the waif-like Kate Moss stole the runway from the glamazon super models of the earlier decade.

Kate’s look was controversially described as “heroin chic” which was also a nod to

the impact of Grunge (Cobain and Courtney) –a music trend whose style influenced the runway –most famously by Marc Jacobs when he designed for Perry Ellis. The collection got him fired…and made him a star –while outraging the young kids of grunge culture for co-opting their style and selling it at a price point they could never afford.

Completely different from the 80s, we invite you to dive deep into this dynamic decade!




Nostalgia Alert! We thank the fashion gods for resuscitating this sexy and laidback look. In the 90s, celebrities opted for slip-dresses on the red carpet. In 1995 Kate Moss walked the carpet at the CFDA awards wearing a satin dress with minimalist lines and spaghetti straps by Calvin Klein and the world surrendered at her feet. This silhouette is once again taking center stage in streetwear and is ideal for a summer night or even styling it for an everyday outfit! For a minimalistic and basic option that never fails: a long black slip dress.



Go big! Imagine sheer layering but in big dimensions. From organza blouses to sheer dresses, take advantage of these sweet-looking fabrics for a delicate but edgy see-through look. Add volume to your outfit and play with different silhouettes this summer. By the end of the century, fashion used to focus on emotions, values and the designer’s individuality. Playing with transparencies had an ornamental and practical purpose. Style this long-sleeved sheer black nightgown with sexy lingerie or a rocker leather jacket.



This ‘60s trend was a great source of inspiration for the ‘90s, and now it’s back! Usually used for perfect effortless summer outfits, the cut-out fashion has become the new naked. Designers tend to play with subtractions in their sketches. The result? Thoughtful designs turn into suggestive and spicy fashion pieces. There is a huge spectrum when wearing cut-out dresses, going from a subtle look to a sassy outfit. On the runway we could spot some elegant options from McQueen and Chloe; while the streets are rocking Jaded London reckless style. For a unique piece, check this deconstructed and wrapped cut-out dress.



If there’s any comfortable and chic shoe, we can all agree is the classic loafer. This conservative shoe is frequently worn among A-listers. Models like Gigi and Kendall usually pair them with white socks, getting a captivating twist in their outfits. Dior presented collegiate loafers on the catwalks with white socks as well. Even Comme des Garçons has partnered with Dr. Martens, mixing the traditional loafer silhouette with the AirWair sole and the signature yellow stitching. We found an original Mauro Teci black patent leather loafers that could match with grace any outfit.



One of the BIGGEST comebacks of the century! The amusement for reliving corsets is focused on daring experimentation, and not on the restriction of women. Corsets became stylish pieces of empowerment and they stopped being reduced to red carpets; this trend was taken down to the streets. Designers work on different silhouettes and textiles. Have fun matching this tailored garment with a pair of jeans and sneakers. Or try wearing them on top of an oversized white shirt for a dashing look, with this impeccable black noir lace corset.



The ever-practical combat pants as beloved by models and it-girls alike are back for a counterstroke. Due to lockdown, many people now prefer wearing more comfortable clothes, and cargo trousers are the best option. Hop in and join the “daggy” fashion trend that is already standing out. This distinguished and utilitarian pant features several large pockets on its sides and is generally a wide-legged style. High or low-waisted, this comfy garment can also be styled with strappy heels for a chic, on-the-go look. Instead of picking the mainstream olive green trouser, we decided to break that stereotype and gamble on these beige combat pants.



The ultimate reemergence shoes. Their enormous thick soles might scare the hell out of you. But don’t be deceived by appearances… A thoughtful design always ensures comfort! Fashioned footwear that helps anyone look a few inches taller. Dua Lipa wore Vivienne Westwood’s iconic Ghillie shoes at the Brits. Popularized by Naomi Campbell on the runway at that time. The variety among platforms designs is huge! For this summer we choose these chunky black rubber wedges slides for a more casual look. They gave us a really strong Rachel Green vibe!



Reliving this type of shade makes us really nostalgic. At the time, superstars used to wear them on the red carpet, disregarding the outfit they were showing off. Even though it may seem a little bit weird for us that old trend, oval shades are back and rocking on the street style stronger than ever. Even Bella Hadid wants to channel the 90s Jennifer Aniston. With structured frames, or without; with colorful tinted shades, or neutral ones… there’re a lot of options for you to consider. So, check these brownish-red oval sunglasses before they sold out!



A-list celebrities have raised the stakes. Wearing sparkly metallic garments during daylight would have been unthinkable in the past, but not in the 90s! A few decades ago, body armor became the go-to aesthetic of Paco Rabanne. This mastermind created the first metallic dress, and it’s until today that he brings us a new and modern version of it. What was once atypical, today is not just normalized, but embraced. Fearless outfits are being celebrated in the fashion industry more than ever. With details like a deep halter neck and open back, dare yourself to wear this magnificent pink chainmail top to shine among the crowd.



For a minimal style, a minimalistic heel. The strappy sandal craze is going nowhere. Back then, women walked the streets of Manhattan in heeled flats with multiple straps laced vertically across the foot. Today’s market offers straps of all kinds, with different lengths and colors. Try the gladiator-style! Tie the lace straps up your legs or around the ankle. It’s a really cool detail that can power up your outfit in a second. If you’re still unsure, look at these gorgeous metallic-pink snakeskin-embossed heeled sandals.



What goes around comes around, and the standard 90s hat is no exception. This item became popular in the 80s with the rap revolution, but in the 90s it got targeted to women’s wardrobes and remained part of the street fashion. What was once worn by pop idol Britney Spears is now re-lived by supermodel Kaia Gerber. Reversible, colorful or patched, the versatility of this cute hat has no limits! This isn’t just a stylish accessory, but a functional item too. Why not consider this super cute green fluffy bucket hat? Trust in the power of the bucket. We assure you it will pop up in any outfit!



The return of the “it” bag. Baguette bags are dominating the catwalks, and in a bigger picture, the fashion scene. And no one else could lead this trend better than Fendi. It’s a perfect size, not too big, neither too small! When talking about Baguettes and the 90s, we can help but think of the incredibly Carrie Bradshaw! A remarkable character in the fashion world that is back on the screen along with the 90s fever trend. We all love her designer bags, but sometimes they are out of our reach. That’s why we have your back! Check this super elegant Gucci-style black baguette bag.

–Nazarena Correia