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10 plant-based vegan leather bags for literally any and every occasion

–By Katya Moorman

Work? Going Out? Travel? We’ve got you covered!

It’s getting to the end of 2023 and our goal at No Kill Mag for 2024 is to go as close to PLASTIC FREE as possible – in fashion. Did you know that synthetic clothing aka polyester is essentially plastic? It’s made from fossil fuels and is not a great choice for the planet. And unfortunately, most vegan leather is as well.

A short history on “vegan leather”

Besides animal cruelty issues, leather’s traditional manufacturing process has significant environmental impacts. These include deforestation for cattle farming and the use of harmful chemicals in tanning.

To address some of these issues, alternatives to traditional leather were developed. One of the first was PVC (polyvinyl chloride) leather, which is a synthetic plastic polymer. While PVC leather reduced reliance on animal hides, it introduced major new environmental problems. PVC production releases toxic chlorine and dioxins, and it doesn’t biodegrade, contributing to microplastic pollution.

In response to the shortcomings of PVC, newer plant-based leathers emerged. These materials are derived from natural sources like pineapple leaves, cork, and mushrooms. However, even these plant-based alternatives often require plastic coatings to enhance durability and water resistance, which again raises environmental concerns.

And while we’re excited about Ganni’s bio-based leather bag, this isn’t available yet and is sort of a test case at this point. But that doesn’t mean all is lost mes amis.

Introducing MIRUM leather bags. The first fully plastic free plant-based vegan leather

MIRUM, a material by Natural Fiber Welding is a truly plastic free plant-based vegan leather that feels and performs like…well leather! MIRUM is free from all petroleum-based plastics. At the end of its life, MIRUM can be recycled into new MIRUM or grouped up and returned to the earth. It is a 100% USDA Certified Biobased alternative to natural and synthetic leathers In addition to having an extremely low carbon footprint, MIRUM requires no water during the manufacturing and dyeing process.

Check out our picks below and then pinky swear to only buy MIRUM leathers from now on. Or at least start with one of these bags! (and many come in colors beyond black)

All products featured on No Kill Mag are independently selected by our writers or editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Lost Woods | Fleur Slouch Tote Bag

Lost Woods is a luxury Australian handbag label, handmade in Portugal from premium plastic-free vegan leather. They have an amazing selection of chic bags.

Fleur is a large, soft handbag with generous handles that can be worn over the shoulder. Convert Fleur from a folded, tapered silhouette with a magnetic closure, to a traditional tote bag with a full zip. Perfect for the office, study or hand luggage, Fleur will fit a laptop and most daily essentials.

Anita Dongre | The Swan Mini Grab Bag

Anita Dongre is a conscious luxury fashion brand based in India with a commitment to social sustainability and animal welfare.

The swan mini grab bag is an exquisite head turner crafted from Mirum. The signature swan handle makes it a statement accessory. This plant-based vegan leather bag has a magnetic top closure.

Melina Bucher | BAILEY

Melina Bucher handbags unite ethics and aesthetics. Exquisite design and 100% vegan materials are combined into a balanced whole. Each bag of the exclusive collection is handcrafted out of finest vegan leather in selected European manufactories.

The BAILEY bag is the Winner of the German Sustainability Award Design ’23 and PETA Vegan Fashion Award ’22. Two-toned, sharp and stylish, a plant-based vegan leather go-to bag for everyday.

Stella McCartney | Falabella Tiny Tote Bag

Stella McCartney was one of the first brands to go vegan and they’re always improving.

Part of Stella’s Winter 2023 collection that revisits Stella icons in new nature-positive material innovations. 100% plastic free.

MODHER | Maya small crossbody bag

MODHER is a line of understated, sustainable and timeless accessories.

This sleek bag is accented with nickel-free, golden-plated metal details and a secure snap closure. Inside, you’ll find the main compartment, as well as one flat pocket.

ASK Scandinavia | CLOVER

ASK Scandinavia is a Helsinki-based and female-founded company creating timeless and design-driven bags with planet-kind and innovative materials.

The Clover bag is designed inspired by classic ’90s silhouettes and midcentury designs by legendary Greta Magnusson Grossman of the California Modern movement. 

It is an elegant, sophisticated but practical size and reinvented classic shape for your everyday needs.

Namastate | hipstar

Namastate is an LA based operation committed to offering products from 100% plant-based textiles.

Wear their plant-based vegan leather Hipstar on your hip or like a cross body bag.

Svala | Simma tote

LA brand SVALA was founded by Helga Douglas to create beautiful, stylish, versatile pieces that are animal-friendly and produced sustainably.

This classic bag is large enough to hold your daily essentials, including a 13” Macbook.

pangaia mirum passport holder

Pangaia | Biobased Passport Holder

PANGAIA calls themselves a materials science company. Their goal is to design an earth positive business model where their products are better for the planet than if they did not exist.

A cross-body pouch to keep your passport accessible wherever you go.

MADI Apparel | Weekend Duffle

MADI stands for Make a Difference. They actually started out making underwear (and still make it) and for every pair sold donate a pair to a domestic violence shelter. They’ve since expanded to other products but all with the same ethical and planet friendly commitment.

This bag is part of their plant based bag collection. It’s the perfect small duffle bag for travel on a plane, road trips, and can even be a gym bag. Made in Kansas City, Missouri.

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