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3 Ways to Style Ugly Green Athletic Shorts

3 Days, 3 Ways with Maia GV

Occupation: Content Creator and co-founder of Maigu Media

Personal Style Advice: Prioritize experimentation over perfection. Sometimes, I’ll get out of the house with a look that I’m not 100% confident about, which challenges my self confidence. The trial and error process is how I’ve created some of my favorite andmost unique looks.

Why I Picked thEse Shorts

I thrifted these green shorts last week, and have been having great fun styling them with all types of items. I love matching “masculine” elements with hyper-feminine ones and I love the pop pf color this instantly brings to a look. These shorts also represent me getting outside of my comfort zone and experimenting, which I encourage everyone to do.

Look One

This is a great example of the masculine vs feminine energy. I find that this is sort of the formula I can follow to creating something I feel great about.

The white shirt was my mom’s and the lace top was from my grandma. The necklace is EnRoute. Rings and sneakers are thrifted. I love that half my body is dressing like a sports student and the other half like a vintage grandma.

That day was a filming day so the outfit was created to record videos and be comfortable on the computer.

Look Two

Denim hat is from a flea market in Berlin.
Glasses and shoes are thrifted.
Denim vest is unfortunately from a fast fashion store.

The loafers with the vest and hat reminds me of something my grandpa would wear in the 70’s. I love pairing denim on denim.

And the rose choker is there to give it the feminine touch. Sunglasses are thrifted.
This day I was going to a flea market with my mom and best friend.

Look Three

Top, shoes and sunglasses are thrifted. Vest is a Calvin Klein one I stole from my dad.

To be honest, this look was put together quickly for a run to the grocery store. As someone who works remotely, sometimes grocery store errands are my opportunity to try a new outfit without having to commit to wearing it for a lot of hours.

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