5 Ways to Wear A Scarf (& not around your neck!)

Layer It Up!

Today I’m giving you five ways to wear a scarf that don’t revolve around your neck! A scarf is truly the accessory that keeps on giving. Not only is there a rainbow of colors to choose from but they give new meaning to the phrase “all shapes and sizes.” Whether you are wrapping an oblong beauty around your head or a folded square around your wrist, there is no denying that a scarf can instantly jazz up any outfit. Take a chance on those scarves your grandmother gave you years ago and give your outfit the pizazz it’s been thirsting for! I’ve given you several ideas on ways to get started, but the sky is the limit for this versatile accessory. So get wrapping and have fun!

My name is Audrey Rhodes, and I am a funky fashion lover who seeks to educate those around me about style and sustainability. Most thrifted fashion is considered very safe and basic; however, I attempt to take thrifted fashion to a new level through the lens of the runway. I will be taking you on a journey that shows just how useful a thrift store can be, if you have the right perspective, and how you can help the environment while looking the best you’ve ever looked.