Knitwear Is Having A Major Moment

Aisiling Camps – Mist Turtleneck

Knitwear is having a major moment

There is no doubt that knitwear is one of the most popular garments during the colder seasons, but many young designers are changing the game. Forget the basic sweater set. These designer’s are pushing at the boundaries of color, shape and style –each in their own unique way. And bonus points: knitwear naturally creates less waste because there are no fabric scraps. Check out this list below of design talent transforming the knitwear game.

Chet Lo



Designer Chet Lo, based in London has taken knitwear to a whole new level. He is known for creating abstract knitwear with a 3D effect. The Asian American designer finished his bachelor’s degree in Knitwear from Central Saint Martins in 2020.
After interning at Proenza Schouler and Maison Margiela under fellow Saint Martin’s graduate John Galliano, Lo debuted his graduate collection “Cindiaria’s Wife.” Lo’s work brings together his Asian heritage and Western aesthetics, and his love for futurism that compliments classic feminine silhouettes.



Kepler London



Kepler London was founded by Alexandra Hadjikyriacou and Jaimee Mckenna in 2016 after they both finished their studies from Central Saint Martins. They were inspired by traditional methods of garment making but wanted to put their own modern approach into constructing their collections. These two designers bring their separate skills and influences together when creating their unique knitwear designs. All these pieces are knit by hand creating a zero-waste production process.



Aisling Camps



Aisling Camps is a mechanical engineer turned knitwear designer based in Brooklyn, New York. Camps describes herself as a one-woman show as she designs, sketches, produces and runs her entire business. Camps wants to keep her brand and inventory fresh because she does not believe in waste which is why she started designing knitwear. Her brand consists of crop tops, sweaters, dresses and even swimwear.



Hope Macaulay



Hope Macaulay is an emerging fashion and textile designer that has created her own contemporary luxury fashion in Northern Ireland. She creates vibrant made-to-order knitwear. Her signature is unique chunky cardigans that she makes with 100% jumbo wool that is all-natural and biodegradable. Her shop includes chunky cardigans, sweaters, and sweater vests that will add a cozy pop of color to your wardrobe.



Mikaela Martensson



Mikaela is a young designer in her final year at the Swedish School of Textile. She grew up watching her grandmother knit sweaters and enjoyed watching her grandmother’s process of selecting yarn, finishing the garment, and understanding the handicraft. Mikaela loves to work with knitted fabric due to its stretch and its fit to the body. Her designs are often inspired by contemporary paintings, historical references from the renaissance, knitted fabrics properties, and the body’s shape.


–Megan Burke
Header image: Aisling Camps – Mist Turtleneck