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As her debut novel author Allie Rowbottom is taking on the grand challenge of addressing fake realities that lie beyond the screen. Embedded in truth and horror, and a not-so-distant future of 2032, Anna Wray has grown tired of her online life as an Instagram model. Older and much wiser she prepares to undergo an experimental procedure, Aesthetica, reversing her former curated persona and cosmetic surgeries of jaw implants, rhinoplasties, and lip fillers. Hoping to survive the risky operation she looks to confront trauma, past relationships, the digital age, and a new identity that lies on the other side.

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In the 2000s fashion competitions heavily saturated televisions across the country. Getting a peek inside the high stakes, high stress lives of young designers and their work ethic was all too appealing. Twenty years later the times are changing. How, with our new knowledge of overconsumption and textile waste, do we enjoy and support the creations before us?

The new Fuse TV series Upcycle Nation gives an inside look at the world of reimagined, refashioned clothing, and the creatives that are making it all happen. Each episode features upcoming designers who are given a set of competitions to make something out of nothing. Scraps and unwanted items now have the potential to be transformed into anything from chic club outfits to one of a kind streetwear that’s ready for the consumer. When the five hours are up the pieces are evaluated by fashion designer Jerome Lamaar, style maven Karrueche Tran, and upcycle guru Peder Cho. In addition to seeing the concepts at work, the show gives a hopeful, fresh take on sustainable methods; it’s possible for every household to upcycle no matter your skillset and capabilities. After binge watching the first five episodes, tune in to extra clips featuring Cho that teach all about the craft of repurposed clothing, and the art of breathing new life into forgotten fabrics.

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The thought of climate change is always present; looming over our heads and concerning questions regarding the wellbeing of the future. It’s rare, but possible to come across a beacon of hope, someone in our ear saying change is feasible and worth the effort put forth. How to Save a Planet podcast is on a mission to do just that – unpacking what needs to be done to address climate change and how to make it happen. Join journalist Alex Blumberg, Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, and featured guests as they unpack stories within the climate movement and unveil practical methods for everyday activism.


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