MELKE AW24 Presentation: A Playful Homage to Childhood and Adventure

Designer Emma Gage taps into her roots in a collection that is whimsical yet familiar

3 models wearing Melke FW24 by Emmag Gage

New York Fashion Week’s fall/winter showcase brought many eye-catching collections to the fore, but MELKE stood out distinctly. Designer Emma Gage’s latest collection draws delightful inspiration from “The Heist,” a beloved cartoon from her childhood featuring the quirky adventures of Wallace and Gromit. These ranged from cheese expeditions to the moon to comical diamond heists and battles with a “wererabbit”.

This whimsical inspiration is evident in the collection’s features: oversized pink bows, playful patterns, vibrant cartoon prints, boldly colored suits, and snug knits. Gage skillfully intertwines these elements with nostalgic nods to her childhood and midwestern heritage. The presentation was a lively tableau, with models engaging in scenarios like a kitchen brimming with bread and cheese, or plotting out adventures around a table. The collection achieves a stylishly eclectic vibe, yet remains approachable and comforting.

Sustainability is at the heart of MELKE’s ethos. Gage emphasizes that about 80% of the materials used are deadstock. This reflects her belief in creating clothes from a place of love and honesty. The rest of the collection incorporates custom prints made from organic materials with limited water usage, and handwoven cotton khadi sourced from fair trade suppliers. Even the custom shoelaces are crafted from leftover lining materials, and trims are locally sourced from the garment district to support small businesses.

A highlight of the collection is the vibrant knitwear, a collaborative effort with KOCO. This B-Corp-certified hand-knitting company is more than a brand; it’s a community, empowering women artisans in rural southern India and scaling hand-knitted products for commercial production.

In essence, this collection from MELKE is a heartwarming blend of childhood nostalgia, whimsy, and captivating fashion.

Three standout looks capture the collection’s essence beautifully

below photos by Chad Moon

A fusion of simple structural suiting with bright pinks and playful patterns. It features feminine touches like a fringed skirt slit and an oversized pink patterned blazer. This look reimagines formalwear with a whimsical twist.

A model in a printed turquoise suite in MELKE collection.

An androgynous statement suit adorned with a fanciful Victorian-esque print on teal fabric, complemented by a fringed black Western blouse. This maximalist ensemble perfectly embodies the collection’s spirit.

The incorporation of graph checks, a key element in Gage’s collection, is showcased with muted pops of color. This look blends comfort and whimsy, completed with edgy neon spikes and a feminine bralette.

A model wearing pink pants with spikes and bralette in MELKE collection

MELKE Credits
Production: Bacchus
PR: Agentry PR
Stylist: Cara Benevenia
Hair Lead: Britt Dion / MUA Lead: Michelle Webb for Augment Tokyo
Footwear: Dr. Marten’s, Tights: Les Belles

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