Unveiling PH5 Fall 2024: A Fusion of Family Heritage and Futuristic Eco-Friendly Fashion

PH5’s presentation ©Katya Moorman

PH5’s Fall 24 collection resonated with a personal touch, rooted in a cherished family tradition. It is beautifully linked to designer Zoe Champion’s experience of learning the art of knitting from her grandmother. This experience that transcends cultural boundaries became a cornerstone of her creative journey. This season is a homage to these beginnings, where the simple scarf transforms into an emblem of generational wisdom and artistic innovation.

The collection showcased an ingenious reimagining of the scarf, elevating it from a mere accessory to a statement piece. Scarves were a central element, artfully draped and ingeniously integrated into modern silhouettes. At the presentation several of the models were literally busy knitting scarves. This brought an unexpected warmth to the presentation. Normally models either vamp for the camera or pretend attendees aren’t there, but the “fourth wall” was broken by questions and comments about knitting which was fun and unexpected.

This season more robust winter knits have also been introduced alongside their signature bodycon pieces. The collection features cozy, whimsical designs that contrast sharply with edgy, unconventional cuts. Cardigans and sweaters seamlessly incorporate scarf elements, harmonizing with the latest heat tech activewear. The ski capsule story, a standout in the collection, masterfully blends practical compression wear with the brand’s signature gradient jacquard, presenting a compelling narrative of style and functionality.

Sustainability remains at the forefront of PH5’s ethos, with over 80% of the collection boasting responsibly sourced materials. In a commendable shift towards eco-conscious fashion, there is a significant increase in the use of natural, biodegradable merino wool, replacing synthetic fibers. Their commitment to multifunctionality and skin protection is also seen in an innovative use of hyaluronic-infused layers, ideal for harsh winter conditions.

With this collection, PH5 continues its commitment to innovation and sustainability and shows a deep understanding of the intersection between functionality, high fashion and fun.

Hits: Over 80% of the collection is responsibly sourced, We’ve increased our percentage of merino wool in the collection, replacing some man-made fibers.
Misses: Our supplier of faux fur yarn’s minimum for using recycled materials is too high for us to hit so we had to use virgin nylon.

Some of our favorites from the collection

Photo by Stephanie Geddes
Styling by Coke Ho
Hair by Cutler Salon
Makeup by New York Makeup Academy
Shoot Location: WSA

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