101%: A New Wave in Fashion from Mexico City

At No Kill Magazine, we’re always on the lookout for groundbreaking brands that align with our ethos of sustainability, innovation, and creativity. That’s why we’re thrilled to put 101% on your radar. It’s an indie fashion brand making waves from the heart of Mexico City.

The Birth of a Vision

Founded in 2021 by Jessica Maxey, a British fashion and textile designer with an impressive background at Vogue, Ralph Lauren, and Victoria Beckham, and co-founded by architect Fernando Romero, 101% is a culmination of fashion expertise and architectural innovation. This partnership brings together Jessica’s deep-rooted understanding of fashion and Fernando’s desire to engage in dynamic creative projects, leading to a brand that stands out in both its vision and execution.

A Fashion-Forward Approach to Activewear

What sets 101% apart is its unique take on traditional performance and activewear. This isn’t leggings and leotards; it’s a statement—a blend of functionality, style, and sustainability that speaks to the conscious and urban fashion-forward consumer. Also, for every order placed, 101% donates a hoodie to migrants at the US-Mexico border. This act of kindness symbolizes the brand’s dedication to giving back and supporting those in need.

Sustainability at the Core

At the heart of 101%‘s philosophy is a commitment to sustainability. This commitment is not just a part of their brand story; it’s evident in every aspect of their production. From the exclusive use of recycled materials sourced from pre and post-consumer waste to collaborating with eco-friendly partners like ECONYL® recycled nylon and Polartec®.

But they don’t stop there. Their garments are treated with natural finishings like peppermint oil, making them naturally antimicrobial. This approach not only benefits the environment by reducing water usage but also minimizes the use of harmful chemicals typically used in the fashion industry.

Reducing Waste with a Made-to-Order Model

We believe made-to-order is key to ending fashion’s overproduction problem. Embracing a made-to-order production model, 101% significantly cuts down on textile waste. This approach, coupled with custom sizing options, not only minimizes returns but also enhances customer satisfaction by providing a personalized experience.

Digital Fashion: The Future is Here

But there’s more. 101% isn’t just pushing boundaries in the physical world; they’re also pioneers in digital fashion. As the world moves increasingly online, 101% is at the forefront, offering digital fashion options that cater to the needs of the modern, eco-conscious consumer who values both style and sustainability.

At No Kill Magazine, we love 101%‘s holistic approach to fashion. Their blend of style, sustainability, and social responsibility aligns perfectly with our values. The brand’s initiative to support migrants at the US-Mexico border adds a layer of compassion to their business model, making them not just a brand to watch but a movement to be a part of.

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