Taking to the Streets: Join the Climate March on September 17th to Ignite Climate Action

What it is: Over 700 organizations have come together to endorse and have members participate in a march in New York City to End Fossil Fuels. The below info was taken from this official website.

The March to End Fossil Fuels will take place on Sunday September 17th.
At 56th and Broadway NYC
People will start to gather at 12pm, the march will start at 1pm, and end around 4:30pm.

11am on September 17th; east side of Broadway & 53rd St
Prior to the march there will be An Invocation of Spirit.
People of many diverse faiths and spiritual communities will gather for an Invocation — inviting the spirit of the divine within our traditions, as well as the spirits of our ancestors, of future generations, of nature, plants, animals, elements, and all the places of the earth affected by what happens in NYC (the UN, Wall Street, etc) to march with us and help us to have the love, strength and courage we need to create a just and thriving world. People of all ages and cultural traditions are invited!

Contact atwocrows@centerforearthethics.org  with questions.

We all want fresh air to breathe. 
Good jobs for our families.
A planet where our lands and oceans thrive.

​But the more oil, gas, and coal we burn, the more toxic air we breathe; the more heatwaves, fires, and floods we face. All while wealthy fossil fuel CEOs rake in record profits from dirty practices that pollute our communities. 

This summer of record-breaking heatwaves and toxic wildfire smoke makes it clear: pollution from oil, gas, and coal is deadly

​We can’t breathe or play outside. Our families are forced to evacuate as our homes are swept away by floods, burned down in mega-fires, or destroyed in hurricanes. Our water is too polluted to drink. Wild and beautiful places are disappearing, and creatures big and small are dying. Our democracy is under threat from the corrupting influence of fossil fuel money in politics. 

Fossil fuel pollution impacts us all

–and Indigenous, Black, communities with low incomes and communities of color disproportionately bear the brunt of the harm, with deadly consequences like asthma and cancer. 

President Biden has the power to stop them by putting an end to the expansion of fossil fuels — ensuring that we all have clean air and water, and better health and safety for our communities. 

The United Nations is calling on world leaders to take real steps to lead us off fossil fuels to protect people and the planet. On September 20th in New York, the UN Climate Ambition Summit will gather world leaders to commit to phasing out fossil fuels. 

Thousands of us will take to the streets before the summit to demand President Biden take bold action to end fossil fuels.

​We deserve a world free from fossil fuels. This is our chance, and Biden’s opportunity, to break free from fossil fuels and build a just and safe future. Together, we will build a just and clean energy future for all.




Over 700 organizations and countless powerful individuals have endorsed this MARCH.

From Sunrise Movement to Extinction Rebellion to Fridays for the Future AND ON AND ON AND ON

The famous and the just us, all looking for justice, yesterday sent Pres. Biden a letter ahead of the March beginning with a clear statement:
“The world is burning before our eyes in a record-breaking summer of extreme heat and climate disasters. Scientists around the world are gravely alarmed about how rapidly climate change is accelerating. The oceans are boiling, workers and poor communities, disproportionately Indigenous communities and people of color, are dying from extreme heat and dehydration, and floods and wildfires are raging across the planet. These tragedies go hand in hand with irreversible biodiversity loss and public health harms including rising rates of cancer and other illnesses. These interconnected crises will only continue to grow in frequency and ferocity until we confront the culprit: fossil fuels. United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres has warned that fossil fuels are a dead end that are “choking humanity.”

On September 20, 2023, he is hosting the first ever global Climate Ambition Summit, where he will welcome only those countries ready to commit to “no new coal, oil and gas; fossil fuel phase-out plans; [and] more ambitious renewable energy targets.” This will be the first ever summit dedicated to ending the fossil fuel era. We ask that you step through those Summit doors and commit to stop approving fossil fuel extraction and infrastructure, phase out existing production, and declare a climate emergency to accelerate a just transition off fossil fuels.

Please join us at the March this Sunday, the 17th of September 2023. All you need to know (FAQs) are here

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