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The Quiet Confidence of Rentrayage

This season, we aimed to delve deeper into the concept of modernity, exploring the identity of the woman emerging in a post-trend fashion landscape. What drives her? What defines her novelty? We turned our attention to tailoring, drawing inspiration from menswear, the 70s aesthetic, and, of course, vintage fashion. Our goal was to establish a dialogue between modern sharpness and vintage elements, juxtaposing vintage embroideries with crisp fabrics and contemporary cuts. The collection reflects our exploration of transforming the old into something not just new, but refreshingly fresh. It’s about moving toward the future.
–Erin Beatty, designer

With the endless discussion on Instagram and TikTok about the lightening fast trend cycles it’s interesting to note Erin referencing a “post-trend fashion landscape.” Where is this post-trend world, you might ask? My answer would be right here –with those of us who recognize living “IRL” is more important than anything happening on social. Because despite what some breathless influencer might have you believe, more and more women are –not exactly tuning out– but rather turning inward. Sizing up their mental health and deciding to live life at their own pace and on their own terms.

The considered intentionality that for me defines Rentrayage reflects this and is what makes this brand so compelling. Each look is artfully created from a mix of fabrics ranging from deadstock materials from Italy to curated vintage finds. A few of our favorite looks this season include the denim and khaki skirt with the white button down with embroidery accent and the logo sweatshirt with the knit shorts.

Quiet Luxury is the phrase of the moment in fashion. I would say what is more compelling and what this collection embodies is Quiet Confidence instead.

note: along with this collection, shown at abc carpet & home, Erin debuted a homeware collection. A separate article on this will follow.

runway photos – Ronald Ji

–Katya Moorman

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