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Timberland x PANGAIA

From its inception to the design and materials used, the companies are demonstrating that an environmentally conscious, innovative fashion process is attainable.

Timberland X Pangaia conscious innovative winter boots and shoes collab
Timberland X PANGAIA collab

It was only a brief moment ago we fell head over heels for PANGAIA: a company utilizing environmentally friendly, innovative materials to create one of a kind styles – what’s not to love? For the upcoming winter season the sustainable brand is putting its best foot forward with the Timberland x PANGAIA collaboration, perfect for tracking through the snow, staying warm, and doing better for the planet.

The collaboration, keeps it fresh but familiar, reinventing Timberland’s classic premium 6-inch waterproof boots and slip on mules in an array of unique colors. In addition to using organic cotton in the production process, each pair of shoes is made with abaca fibers, an element found in the non-fruit bearing species of banana plants. This renewable resource is a major win for the textile industry, due to the fiber’s low water consumption, cultivation in local communities, and lack of chemicals during manufacturing the fiber maintains a low impact on the environment. Once combined with the cotton and added eucalyptus plant the shoes are stronger than ever making for a weather ready lining and upper. The collection is holding itself accountable from top to bottom, with no aspect left unchecked. The shoes’ soles are composed of natural rubber ethically sourced from farms rather than traditional deforestation methods (an additional win for wildlife diversity).

In speaking with Sourcing Journal Timberland’s chief marketing officer Drieke Leenknegt stated, “We are incredibly excited to partner with PANGAIA for the first time. As brands, we share a passion for products that are not only beautifully crafted, but also made with the environment in mind.” She continues, “By using innovative materials like abaca plant fiber in the boots, and designing the mule for circularity, together we are working toward a greener future.”

It’s an added plus to know that the mentality for a greener future is continuing beyond Timberland x PANGAIA with Timberland taking initiative in their everyday products. The outerwear company has committed a portion of its website to responsibility, documenting it’s doing its part through the materials used as well as minimizing its carbon footprint.

The commitment to better practices comes in a long line of changes for the company. Only last year, Timberland announced its goal for its products to have a net positive impact on nature by 2030 – giving back more than it takes. Within the plan, the company aims to complete two measurable goals, the first to have natural materials sourced from regenerative agriculture, and the second is to have 100% of products to be designed for circularity. This is via Timberloop, a circularity program for its products and their afterlife. Instead of being added to another landfill they are recycled and reused.

Where sustainability is concerned, Timberland x PANGAIA is a step in the right direction. After getting wear out of Timberland x PANGAIA slip-on mules, they are easily deconstructed and repurposed for future collections. And a portion of the proceeds from the shoe drop is donated to Tomorrow Tree Fund. A non-profit working to plant protect and restore trees and forests around the world. From its inception to the design and materials used the companies are demonstrating that an environmentally conscious, innovative fashion process is attainable. Excitement and purpose behind every purchase.

–Kennedy Smith

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