20 Eco-Friendly Gifts for Family Members, All Under $50

Choosing the best gifts for your beloved ones can prove quite a challenge. Each person has different preferences, taste and lifestyle – your mother may insist on a particular scent that she likes in every skincare products, and your sister might be a minimalist who even wants to go sans gifting this holiday season.

If you are pulling chairs and holiday ornaments out of storage to prepare for a festive fete, it’s the right time to start thinking about what gifts to buy for this year’s family reunion. And feel grateful for it, for it’s finally a possibility after so many pared-back, or even skipped gatherings due to the pandemic. And still, there are people who cannot be with their loved ones this holiday season. So, whether you are lucky enough to make it to your family’s holiday dinner this yearor not, this is a perfect occasion to tell how much your family members mean to you by sending them little meaningful gifts.

Even though gifting is a lovely tradition, it’s synonymous with increased consumption. It can be tricky to offset carbon footprint and cut down on waste during the holidays when consumption is at peak. With that in mind, No Kill Mag has curated a list of thoughtful gifts for everyone in your family this holiday season. Finding a place that has both a variety of affordable gifts and conscious consumerism is tough: Enter MadeTrade, the all-in-one shopping place for ethically sourced goods, from clothings to furniture. It promises to give customers the ability to “shop freely, knowing each piece has been responsibly sourced, and expertly handcrafted with sustainable materials.”

Below, 20 eco-friendly gifts for everyone in your family this holiday season, from hand-glazed stoneware baking dish that will be the star in your home kitchen, to handcrafted virgin coconut wellness candle. The bonus point? Under $50, everything.

For Mom

Every mom’s different, but they tend to be very particular about what they like and want more time taking care for themselves. This time around, treat her with care and love by sending her jewelries of her skin tone, and if she cooks, a family-sized baking dish that will save up time in the kitchen.

Large Stoneware Baking Dish

Stoneware Baking Dish

Visera Visor

Visera Visor

Gold White Topaz Recycled Stud Earrings

Recycled Stud Earrings

Square Pendant Necklace

Square Pendant Necklace

For Dad

Choosing a gift that your Dad will love is all about showing care. Gift ideas can come from the little things you notice in your dad’s daily routine, for many dads are less vocal about what they need than moms. Maybe their wallet is a little too worn out, or their favourite coffee cup you gifted 5 years ago is looking stained,… For a safe gift choice for Dad, it’s a good idea to pick something that will integrate seamlessly into their current lifestyle.

Waffle Kitchen Towel Set – Prairie

Workplace Desk Mat

Brewer Wallet – Tobacco

Oct Cup and Saucer Set – White

For Sister

Your sister can be that picky someone who is hard to impress, for she is likely to have a shopping preference that suits her and her only. Opt for something that is functional and has soul-soothing qualities to it – even if your sis is not a big fan of spiritual wellness, it never hurts to try setting aside a space to collect calmness some times.

Bamboo Waffle Hair Towel – Natural

Nourish Wellness Candle

Gusto Recycled Bamboo Salad Bowl + Servers Set – Blue Abyss

Brass Hair Pin


 For Brother

Siblings spend more time being sarcastic than being affectionate towards each other. So take this chance to show your brother you care about him and want to see him take good care of himself. Simple daily items like lunch box or socks can be a nice useful additions to that brother’s routines which may benefit from a little more organization.

Square Recycled Bamboo Bento Box

Gentleman’s Wallet with Coin Pocket

Men’s 3 Pack Ankle Socks

Men’s Owen Belt – Brandy

For Little Ones

Once kids get older they can be extremely specific about what they want and will happily supply you a list. So we’ve chosen a few things suitable for the baby/toddler years.

Bamboo Baby Booties

Kids’ Bambino Recycled Bamboo Feeding Set – Blush

Dino Rattle

Land Animals Memory Game

–Jacqueline Pham

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