21 Eco-Friendly Gifts We’d Love to Get – all under $60 2023 holiday edition

eco-friendly gifts

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The holidays are great. Spending time with the ones you love, watching movies you’ve seen dozens of times, and of course, PRESENTS!!!

Cue the environmentalist’s silver alarm bells.

Even though gifting is a lovely tradition, it’s synonymous with increased consumption. It can be tricky to offset carbon footprint and cut down on waste during the holidays when consumption is at peak. Finding eco-friendly gifts gets even trickier when shopping on a budget, since sustainable production practices remain more costly than the corner-cutting methods favoured by the Walmarts of the world. With that in mind, No Kill Mag has curated a list of thoughtful gifts for everyone in the family this holiday season, all ethically sourced and responsibly made.

Editor’s Note: We hope you enjoy perusing this list as much as we enjoyed finding these thoughtfully produced items. Whether you choose to use our links or go directly to their websites, I kindly request you avoid cross referencing on Amazon.com. Yes, you might find the same item being sold for less –even by the company itself– but they will be receiving less of your money and you’ll be feeding the beast that is Amazon. In addition to all the issues with Amazon mentioned here, they are selling their services to fossil fuel companies.

magic all-one Chocolate bars

by Dr. Bronner’s

because who doesn’t like chocolate? Dr. Bronner’s reputation for organic makes us more confident in the safe production than other brands. And these flavors look amazing.

  • Fairtrade
  • Vegan
  • All Organic Ingredients
  • uses Regenerative Organic Certified™ farming practices

eco-friendly organic body scrub

Organic Body Scrub

By EcoRoots
A spa-in-a-jar. Prepare for addictive baby soft skin that will set you up for the day ahead. Available in three options: Coconut Sugar Body Scrub, Peppermint Sea Salt Body Scrub, and Turmeric Body Scrub.

  • Recyclable packaging (no plastic)
  • Vegan & Cruelty-Free
  • No chemicals or synthetic fragrances
  • Made in the USA with organic ingredients

eco-friendly puzzle

Gloria & Angela Jigsaw Puzzle

Designed by Shirin Godhrawala, an artist currently living in Mumbai, India.
Puzzles are a great way to get offline and out of your head and be in the present moment.

And a Gloria and Angela puzzle! Yes please!

  • Female founder
  • Artists are all women who receive a percentage of the sale
  • Ships carbon free

eco-friendly sustainable fashion

metamorphosis t-shirt

Metamorphosis is all about transformation, changing between forms, taking something old and turning it into something new. Enter your butterfly era and own your metamorphosis.

  • printed on-demand = no overproduction
  • created with 100% reclaimed waste cotton: reducing waste, water use, and climate emissions.
  • made in LA

Tree Playing Cards

54 unique, hand-drawn woodlands designs, each card suit featuring a different wilderness. With each successive card, you see the respective suits grow and change.

  • FSC Certified cardstock
         (Forest Stewardship Council)
  • 1% for the planet

merino waypoint Mittens


because let’s be honest: when it’s really cold nothing beats mittens!

  • 100% merino wool
  • ZQ certified wool = mulesing free
  • creating a regenerative supply chain

Brooklyn Escapist Candle

Escape to Brooklyn? Why not?

TOP NOTES: Orange Blossom, Neroli
MIDDLE NOTES: Leather, Cassis
BASE NOTE: Patchouli, Wild Sage

  • 100% soy wax
  • lead-free cotton wicks
  • vegan, cruelty-free, phthalate-free, and petroleum-free
  • made in Brooklyn, NY (naturally)

Undaria Body Mini Heroes Set

A sampling of Osea favorites including their body lotion, body oil, body butter and polish for body beautiful you. or them. or you…

  • woman owned
  • vegan + cruelty free
  • source seaweed from sustainable seaweed farm
  • first ocean positive beauty brand

Natural Dye Kit

The world of natural dyes is vast and varied, and this kit gives the beginner dyer a perfect introduction into the beauty and wonder of creating colour from nature.

  • handmade
  • eco-friendly
  • woman owned company
  • enthusiastic reviewers

Cable Knit Beanie Hat

Hat can be worn with the cuff turned up, or down for that slouchy look and made exclusively from the finest natural wool yarns.

  • farm to fashion made in the USA (all materials + production local)
  • zero waste
  • only natural fibers

Green Air Pods Pro Case

By PELA – multiple color options available
AirPods Pro cases are durable enough to protect your AirPods from drops, scratches, and dents and are crafted from plant-based materials. Work with both generations of AirPods Pro

  • plant based material/compostable
  • donates a % of every sale to Ocean Cleanup and Preservation Initiatives.
  • Made from flax shive and a plant based biopolymer

Bamboo Floss and Refill Pack

For your friend who has nightmares about plastic floss strangling sea life. (or is that just us?) This bamboo gloss is made with activated charcoal, bamboo fiber, and essential oils. Coated with vegan candelilla wax, this bamboo floss is gentle and glides easily between your teeth and comes in a glass and metal container.

  • compostable/recyclable packaging
  • vegan + cruelty free
  • plastic free shipping
  • female founder

Rainy Day Mug

A microwave and dishwasher ceramic cup with a subtle round shape perfect for holding.

  • handcrafted in Bat Trang, Vietnam
  • artisans work with Craft Link and eceive tools, interest-free loans, education, training and literacy classes.


By Maude
Discreet and easy-to-use, this is a best seller on their site. And featured in the MoMA Design Store…because you know, you bought it for the design.

  • Phthalate- and latex-free
  • 100% platinum-grade silicone (REACH passed / FDA grade)
  • female founder
  • emphasis on inclusivity + sex positivity

Phone Case in Vanilla White

By Agood Company -multiple color and phone options

  • Made in Sweden, from locally sourced flax and hemp
  • Everyday protection against bumps and scratches
  • A share of the profit from each phone case directly supports – Malala Fund
  • When joining their circular system, agood loop, they let you swap your old case for something new. They re-grind your case and use the materials in future production, ensuring zero waste.

Herbal Tea + Book Bundle

The perfect gift for your planet-friendly friend. This cozy bundle includes their tangy, herbal Lemongrass + Ginger tea, a signed copy of Working To Restore, the debut book by Alaya’s cofounder (and environmental journalist) Esha Chhabra, and a stainless steel infuser to brew the perfect cup while you read.

  • sourced from organic + biodynamic farms
  • sourced from regenerative farms
  • fully compostable and plastic-free packaging
  • USDA certified organic loose leaf
  • Woman owned company

Farmer’s Organic Indoor Herb Garden

By Spade to Fork
This grow set includes everything you need to get started, stat: (sweet basil, Italian parsley, sage, cilantro, and thyme), compostable peat pots, and rich potting soil discs plus wood-burned plant markers and a 26-page growing guide.

  • non-GMO heirloom seeds
  • all certified USDA organic
  • small US based business

Dot + dash Containers

A set of containers that work together and help meals-on-the-go feel more elevated than ever.

  • Non-toxic: no BPAs, PFOA, PFTE, BPS, Heavy Metals
  • ceramic-coated glass, not plastic
  • microwave and dishwasher safe.

Stone Paper Notebook

We did a double-take when we read this notebook is made from limestone. But it is. And from the reviews on the site it works as well as a traditional paper notebook without the deforestation. Oh and the pages are waterproof! Comes in multiple colors.

  • no deforestation
  • no water needed
  • no bleach
  • a percentage of sales goes to charity:water

Passport Holder

By aNYbag

Made from 6 plastic bags, this hand-woven passport case is unique and durable. Take this bite sized ANYBAG around the globe. The little scrap that could. 4 different color options.

  • Made in NYC from discarded plastic bags
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Strong + waterproof
  • Diverts plastic from landfill

Climate Optimism: Celebrating Systemic Change Around the World (Environmental Sustainability, Doing Good Things, Book for Activists)


We have many more book recommendations here, but thought this would be great for everyone. Because you can never have too much climate optimism!

However you decide to celebrate, we wish you and yours a happy and healthy holiday season from No Kill

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