20 Eco-Friendly Gifts for the Fam – all under $50

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The holidays are great. Spending time with the ones you love, watching movies you’ve seen dozens of times, and of course, GIFTS!!!

Cue the environmentalist’s silver alarm bells.

Even though gifting is a lovely tradition, it’s synonymous with increased consumption. It can be tricky to offset carbon footprint and cut down on waste during the holidays when consumption is at peak. Finding eco-friendly items gets even trickier when shopping on a budget, since sustainable production practices remain more costly than the corner-cutting methods favoured by the Walmarts of the world. With that in mind, No Kill Mag has curated a list of thoughtful gifts for everyone in the family this holiday season, all ethically sourced and responsibly made.

For the one that likes to be cozy

Ocelotl Woven Blanket

By Happy Earth

For the self-care junkie

Nourish Wellness Candle

By Atmosphere ThreeSixty

Organic Body Scrub

By EcoRoots

For the head case

Pearl Drop Earrings

By Catbird

Assorted Scrunchies

By Girlfriend Collective

For the one on the go

Phone Case in Vanilla White

By Agood Company

Passport Holder

By aNYbag

For the One Staying Home

Rainy Day Mug

By Ten Thousand Villages

For the little ones

Land Animals Memory Game

By Zeki Learning

Aden Hooded Baby Towel

By Creative Women

However you decide to celebrate, we wish you and yours a happy and healthy holiday season from No Kill <3