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Our Top 8 Fashion Collections SS20

We looked for distinct points of view, fresh outlooks, relevance oh–and great designs and narrowed it down to eight collections that felt…well… like No Kill Magazine! Check them out and let us know what you think!


When André Courrèges launched his label in the ’60s he was influenced by the space age and futurism and was always pushing the use of new innovative fabrics such as plastic and vinyl in his signature minidresses and architecturally-sculpted clothing. The silhouettes and material were both radical contrasts to the current bourgeoise fashion that connected with the younger generation of the time.

Fast forward to 2019 where Yolanda Zobel is just a year into her revival of the Courreges label. How does one take such an iconic house and make it relevant yet still recognizable? Zobel asked herself what Mr Courreges would do today? “He would not have continued with the plastic. Plastic was the symbol of the progress of that time but today the world is drowning in plastic.”

Today Courreges has a partnership with Instituto-e,* to create a series of garments using the skin of the Pirarucu fish. Found in the lakes and rivers of the Amazon, it is one of the largest freshwater fish, and serves as a staple in the locals’ diet. As the skin is discarded after the Pirarucu fish is eaten, it now serves as a creative, sustainable, and ethical new replacement for leather.

Our approach is based on experimentation and the belief that sustainability is about creativity — not austerity; activation — not preservation; pleasure — not abstinence; today — not tomorrow.

The designs themselves retain the energy, vibrancy and fluidity that are as relevant today as ever – for the next generation changing the direction of the future right now.

*Founded by @oskarmetsavaht, Instituto-e is a non-profit civil society organization whose mission is to transform Brazil into a model of sustainable human development.


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