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8 Best Stylish Sun Hats From Responsible Brands

A woman of many hats…

When the warm summer months come around, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of the sun on your skin – but you can’t forget the importance of protecting yourself too. Finding the perfect stylish sun hat is the key to combining the best of both worlds. From wide sunhats to floppy brimmed numbers we have you covered on the best sun hats to buy this season. Keep reading to learn where to find summer hats that are chic and timeless made by some of our favorite responsible brands.

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Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher is the OG of responsible brands. They’ve recently made a greater commitment to circularity. They are designing a circular system and moving away from the take-make-waste manufacturing model toward one that reuses, replenishes, or regenerates the resources involved.

Mar Y Sol for EILEEN FISHER Raffia Bucket Hat

If you’re looking for an elevated version of the classic bucket hat, look no further than the Mar Y Sol for EILEEN FISHER Raffia Bucket Hat. This summer staple is handcrafted by artisans in Madagascar using sustainable materials. It is made from responsibly sourced raffia palm fiber. Comes in natural or black.


Cuyana is a brand that firmly believes in “owning fewer, better things” and they started their mission to only sell sustainably made products in 2019. They started out with 73% of products being sustainably made, and then by 2020 they reached 95%, and now in 2022 they have reached 100% sustainably made products!

Wide Brim Ecuador Hat (Panama Hat)

This is a hat handwoven in Ecuador, with love. Cuyana changed its name from “Panama Hat” to honor the heritage and craftsmanship behind this iconic piece.

Widely known as the Panama Hat, it was named after the design was massively exported from Ecuador to Panama during the 19th century. Theodore Roosevelt was then famously photographed wearing this hat during the Panama Canal inauguration, which gave the hat its global recognition. At that point, the true Ecuadorian origin of this treasure became widely unknown. Our mission is to give Ecuador and its skilled weavers the respect and recognition they deserve for creating this iconic design.

Packable Ecuador Hat

Those looking for a hat with a slimmer brim will love the Packable Ecuador Hat. This hat is made of the same material and in the same way as the Ribbon Tie Panama Hat. You can either purchase it with the blue stripe or a black stripe. This is not as expensive as the Ribbon Tie hat and just as stylish!


Tilley is a brand that sells hats and apparel and they came out with a sustainable line of hats. It takes 23 people to make a single sun hat. This is a Canadian brand that sells to you wherever you are. They offer lifelong satisfaction guarantees for almost every product because they are so committed to quality and sustainability.

T3 Wanderer Hat

We love the T3 Wanderer Hat for its medium-sized brim and wide variety of bright colors. It comes in six options, including orange and purple. The hat is handmade from a durable, naturally breathable cotton duck fabric

Janessa Leone

Janessa Leone has a line of straw hats that are to die for! They have a sophisticated design with a focus on timeless, minimal structures that are unique and classic. These sun hats have also been rated with exceptional sun protection. They use Panamanian and toquilla straw and ship worldwide.

Tinsley Wide Brim Hat

The Tinsley hat is a wide brimmed bucket hat (emphasis on the wide) that is lightweight and durable. That wide brim maximizes your sun protection as much as possible and lends an air of mystery. This hat comes in multiple sizes and 2 colors, black or natural.


The Odette hat is made of packable straw with a corset like lace up the back. The open top is perfect for wearing with a ponytail or top knot.

Bleach color with black trim

Brunna Co

BrunnaCo is a Californian sustainable & ethical fashion brand founded by Helga Ida Ayu, an Indonesian immigrant who resides in California. Collections is handcrafted by select artisans, mostly women, from the comfort of their home in Indonesia, especially Bali, Helga’s home island. They create meaningful pieces using locally harvested plant-based materials, vegan, recycled, organic, and other eco-friendly materials that positively impact the environment.

Nona Striped Bucket Palm Straw Hat

This hat will protect you from the sun and make a statement while doing it. The Nona Striped Bucket Palm Straw Hat is handwoven from Balinese natural palm leaves and its natural straw construction is lightweight and breathable. Palm trees grow abundantly in Bali and have been one of the core materials of their artisans’ craftsmanship.

Lorna Murray

Lorna Murray is an ethical and sustainable Australian brand with a strong presence globally, spanning the luxury and resort realms. Renowned for beautifully handcrafted sustainable headwear and bags, Lorna Murray has established a cult following. Each year Lorna Murray collections epitomize effortless glamour, coastal luxury, and urban chic aesthetics using all-natural fibers and low-impact craftsmanship techniques.

Alahambra Island Capri Maxi Hat

The Capri Maxi is Lorna’s signature pleated sun hat, carefully handcrafted from 100% Natural Organic Grass Fibers

It is specifically designed to collapse and fold like origami, due to the sunray pleats, for ease of travel.Optional ties are provided at the base of each hat to be used for anchoring during breezes.

–Emma Kendall

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