5 Best Stylish Sun Hats

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We all know beach season is right around the corner and what’s a better way to do it than sustainably? Not only can it be done sustainably but also stylish at the same time! It is important to protect your skin as much as you can when laying under the sun for hours because you’re so distracted by the calming sound of the waves from the ocean. We’ve done the work for you and found 5 stylish sun hats you won’t want to take off!

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Cuyana is a brand that firmly believes in “owning fewer, better things” and they started their mission to only sell sustainably made products in 2019. They started out with 73% of products being sustainably made, and then by 2020 they reached 95%, and now in 2022 they have reached 100% sustainably made products!

Ribbon Tie Panama Hat

This beautiful hat is made of toquilla straw which is a renewable resource curated from young toquilla palm fronds that are harvested without damage to the main tree. This item is made in Ecuador woven by women in their homes using heritage techniques. This hat is so classy and comes in two colors. Not only can this be worn as a beach hat but also styled in so many different ways

Folding Panama Hat

Those looking for a hat with a slimmer brim will love the Folding Panama Hat. This hat is made of the same material and in the same way as the Ribbon Tie Panama Hat. You can either purchase it with the blue stripe or a black stripe. This is not as expensive as the Ribbon Tie hat and just as stylish!


Tilley is a brand that sells hats and apparel and they came out with a sustainable line of hats. It takes 23 people to make a single sun hat. This is a Canadian brand that sells to you wherever you are. They offer lifelong satisfaction guarantees for almost every product because they are so committed to quality and sustainability.

TH5 Hemp Hat

The TH5 Hemp Hat is handmade from durable natural sustainable hemp and has a water repellent finish. The design has grommets that allow for extra ventilation. The cream color is sure to match any outfit or bathing suit. This product falls under the guarantee for life and is sustainable! Sold in 3 color options and it even has a hidden pocket.

Janessa Leone

Janessa Leone has a line of straw hats that are to die for! They have a sophisticated design with a focus on timeless, minimal structures that are unique and classic. These sun hats have also been rated with exceptional sun protection. They use Panamanian and toquilla straw and ship worldwide.

Tinsley Hat

The Tinsley hat is a wide brimmed bucket hat (emphasis on the wide) that is lightweight and durable. That wide brim maximizes your sun protection as much as possible. This hat comes in multiple sizes and 2 colors, black or natural.

Cynthia Hat

The Cynthia hat is made of a natural panama straw and offers up to UPF 45+. This is a great hat for the beach but can also be worn when gardening, laying out in your backyard or really anything you want to wear it for!

–Nicole el-Koussa

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