3 Ways to Style a Lace Top with Aisling Duffy

After I had the pleasure of talking to Aisling Duffy about her unique and ethical brand Aisling Duffy, I could not resist making a version of our beloved 3 days 3 ways with one of her unique pieces.

Here at No Kill Mag we believe in quality over quantity and we love to use the concept of 3 days 3 ways to explore different style approaches to one and the same piece of clothing, and the ones of Aisling Duffy revealed themselves as a real treat to style!

I chose the designer’s pink lace top from her valentine’s collection to style in 3 ways. For me this top feels like it has many possibilities. It can be worn out casually while still maintaining a certain wow factor or it could be worn for a more glamorous occasion. I always believe material and texture are the key for an interesting garment, and this top, is not just made from up cycled material but the lace texture gave the piece a sort of precious appearance.

A Day in The Sun


When we choose clothes on an extreme weather day comfort comes first –but that doesn’t mean we have to abandon style!

With summer finally here, it becomes more and more tempting to just relax in the sun. The thin material of the top is perfect for a hot day and looks effortlessly great with a bikini underneath. I then combined it with my long pink polka dot skirt from depop and I was not only comfortable, but I also felt good and confident. It is often hard to find that balance that is so incredibly important and Aisling’s top does definitely deliver it.

A Picnic


I love being outside at the moment and the times of COVID have made us more aware that it’s a privilege to be able to enjoy the outdoors. I love that this top lets me move freely while still maintaining this fairy like look!  I have combined the top with the beautiful baby doll dress by sustainable brand Studio Zipcode. The gathered flairs at the bottom of the top work beautifully with the loose silhouette of the dress. Mixing the pink of the lace top with the pink of the satin dress creates an exciting contrast and wow factor!

If you personally feel like this magic looking fairy look is not enough for you, you could always top it off with one of Aisling’s signature handmade collars that you can find on her website.

Going out Anywhere

I am not much one for going out clubbing but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to stick out from the crowd sometimes. I wore this top on a “normal” day of running errands. I combined it with a ruffled skirt found on Depop. The almost baby- pink of the top compliments the Gray-blackish colour of the skirt with both garments having quite warm tones. At the same time the combination of both colours brings out the uniqueness of the top making you focus on all its beautiful detail! Finally, I topped the outfit off with a baby purple coloured shoulder bag I have found in a vintage shop. Incorporating a similar tone of colour with the bag, just summarized the outfit beautifully.

–Nadine El Garhy