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Culture Dose | All About Love | Grand Crew | Mon Rivîa

Our guide on what to read, watch and listen to now: Black History Month Edition

Read: All About Love: New Visions by bell hooks

bell hooks all about love new visions book

As an author, feminist and social activist bell hooks saw her words as powerful tools to unpack and dismantle the oppressive institutions before her. All About Love: New Visions has lingered on the shelves for over 20 years, yet its message it’s still just as relevant today. Exploring the intersections of race, gender, and capitalism hooks often noted the necessity for love and its extensions of care, compassion and unity. Through our private and professional lives, in communities, and larger societies, love allows us peace and understanding in opposition to the polarized landscape we’ve become accustomed to know. Combining psychological and philosophical ideals hooks reminds us all to develop and maintain self love, extend it outwards and accept its healing properties.

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Watch: Grand Crew

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What’s better than your long term group of close knit friends? Exploring the ups and downs life brings, and having a comforting space where you can laugh and truly enjoy each others company – even if they’re on the TV screen.

Soon to be in its second season, Grand Crew has already established itself as a classic sitcom. As we catch up with the gang this spring let’s reintroduce ourselves to each character from this all Black ensemble. There’s Noah, a hopeless romantic who will stop at nothing for love, even if it includes planning his own meet cute. His sister Nicky, an extroverted, culture savvy realtor. Wyatt, whose personality revolves around being the married friend, finds relief in his stability and loving wife. One can often find level headed Anthony confronting his reckless roommate Sherm. And then we’re introduced to Grasie, who was recently divorced but finds friendship within the group as they frequent her job at the wine bar. The show’s mix of humor and wine tastings offer a fresh and creative look at life in your 30s.

Listen: Mon Rovîa

mon-rovîa it all ends when you do

In Chattanooga, Tennessee, through the foothills and brush, you can hear the delicate strings and warm voice of Mon Rovîa. Having migrated from the civil unrest of Liberia, West Africa the artist now resides in the U.S., carefully honing his craft and creating a sound all his own.

“Big Love Ahead” is a sweet, calming lullaby that offers the simple message of hope. Extending his voice to anyone in need, he signals the good that is yet to come while acknowledging and encouraging the strength that resides inside. These poignant lyrics in addition to his growing catalog of music are sold described as Afro Appalachia, a gender blending West African folk with his calming environment of the lush mountains. Continuing a journey of self growth and musical development Mon Rovîa secures a space for anyone willing to sit and listen; assuring Big Love Ahead can be enjoyed in the mornings or evenings, with a cup of tea, a good book, or within a moment of peace.

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-Kennedy Smith

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