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Read: A Visible Man by Edward Enninful

All his life, Edward Enninful has been a visible man. As a child, being the only male presence in his mother’s atelier. At i-D magazine, working in a high energy environment with a shy, introverted personality. And standing as the only marginalized voice among white, affluent fashion spaces. Yet in his memoir, Enninful sees his visibility as a tool to be recognized for the talent he possesses.

Enninful’s story is one of hope and inspiration. We see his growth both as a creative and an individual, a working class refugee from Ghana climbing the ranks and becoming the first Black editor-in-chief of British Vogue. Whether you’re well versed in fashion, or a casual connoisseur anyone and everyone will appreciate his rich anecdotes on the ‘90s grunge scene, evenings with Naomi Campbell, and the ways in which Enninful uses his position in the industry for positive change.

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We’ve seldom seen Indigenous American representation in media, but Reservation Dogs is looking to change the narrative. The Hulu original is a dark yet humorous comedy following Oklahoma natives Elora, Bear, Jackie, and Cheese and their lives as reservation dogs: a nickname subscribed to the main characters for their frequent, mischievous antics around town. The series not only explores the comings of adulthood but the extensive list of culture-specific concerns such as the effects of poverty, gentrification, inadequate healthcare, and education. In the hopes that they can abandon these systemic issues, the four friends enact a plan for a one way trip to California, forgoing reservation life full of culture and traditions they once held close.

As the first of its kind, Reservation Dogs includes all Indigenous writers, directors, and an almost entirely Native cast and production team. From the first episode and beyond it’s something to relish, through its representation, ability to evoke laughter, and heartfelt moments.

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The Polyester Podcast isn’t what you think; we promise it has no relation to the manufactured, petroleum-based fibers that are polluting our planet. The podcast, in tandem with its zine Polyester, is a space for intersectional feminist arts and culture that utilize the online and real worlds to unpack the world around us. Every week founding editor-in-chief Ione Gamble and community editor of Polyester Hamila Jibril co-host thirty minute sessions where they discuss a wide array of topics from the #MeToo movement to the practice of self-love. In addition to their popular segment The Sleepover Club where they speak on matters meant for the late hours of the night, Gamble and Jibril speak to their current favorites, submissions from listeners, and the biggest issues affecting the current generation.

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