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How to Style a White Pinstripe Blazer

3 Days, 3 Ways with
Henrietta Harju

Name: Henrietta Harju
Location: Helsinki, Finland (originally from Turku, which used to be the capital but then it burned down –fun little fact 😉 )
Occupation: Content creator; social media marketing company AND influencer for my own socials

Style Advice:

My best style advice is honestly saying fuck it, wear what you want. Don’t follow every trend that comes around, because well, it’s not really sustainable and it’s possible that the style isn’t yours, cause everyone is wearing the same thing. I always take inspiration from trends and make them fit my own style, the way that I like and the way that I’ll wear the pieces for a long time. And also – just because something is trending right now, you don’t need to wear it. You can be fashionable in your own way! <3 And wear clothes that are COMFORTABLE, it’s extremely hard to be confident when your clothes are making you feel uncomfortable.

Style IconS

I don’t really have a style icon. I take inspiration from everything. It can be a random person walking in a street, a cool girl on Instagram or just a satisfying colorcombo. And honestly I get inspiration from myself too. I get curious and more brave about my style and I want to experience it and express myself through my style and clothes.


I chose my vintage Versace blazer, because it’s probably the coolest thing that I’ve ever thrifted. I found it in London, from a really small vintage shop that I randomly ran into. A man was trying it on when I walked in and I was so happy when he put it back on the rack and I grabbed it. Then we both agreed that it was a better fit for me than for him! The piece is really important to me and it’s very unique 🙂

Look One

henrietta harju look 1
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Summer (not so) Basics

I’m wearing my blazer with white tank top and denim shorts that I also thrifted in London. To spice up the outfit a bit, I added a harness and red Dr Martens. This is one of my favourite summer looks, it’s actually pretty basic, but still not boring. A perfect fit for a day in the city :).

Look Two

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Date Night!!!!

My go-to date night look! During autumn I’ve fallen in love with bright red (and blue, you’ll find out soon!) so I think the little red bag goes so well together with my pink skirt with red dots. I’m more white top – funky bottoms -kinda gal as you may see. And can’t forget the sneakers that are super cool with the skirt.

Look Three

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Henrietta Does Parisian Chic

As I said – funky bottoms and blue have been my most worn things for the past few months. I found these super cool pants from an Instagram 2nd store and they go so well with the white blazer. This is definitely my Parisian outfit, and I can’t wait to travel there to show off this super cool outfit hahah! And can’t forget the blue beret that ties up the outfit. I didn’t want this fit to be too white & blue so the little red bag returns! I think it’s a super cool detail for this fit :).

Find more of amazing styles by Henrietta on IG

You asked, and we listened! You said you wanted more style inspo of real people showing how they wear a garment in multiple ways. Great style advice on personal style and examples of how they do it. We’ll be doing this for you at least twice a month –if not more– and if you’re interested in being featured you can DM us on Instagram or reach out to

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