NYFW F/W 2021 -Marrisa Wilson, No Sesso, Claudia Li


Marrisa-WilsonMarrisa Wilson


Marrisa Wilson is a womenswear apparel brand that was founded in 2016. The aesthetic of the brand is heavily influenced by soulful sounds, bold textiles, and the natural beauty of multicultural women.

Marrisa’s collection this year was “To Be Black and Female”. It was inspired by the Harlem renaissance, drawing parallels from the social movement of black America in the 1920s to today. The show was shot in Cotton Club, a well-known spot in Harlem where black artists performed for approval of all-white audiences. The collection was created to showcase black females’ bodies, voices, and spirits.

A few pieces we love include the Bessie Mock Neck Midi Dress and the Jazz Band printed button-down Shirt. The colors are very vibrant and give off the vibe of a jazz band.

She’s also working on RE/UP JEANS by MARRISA WILSON NY. A capsule collection combining recycled jeans from consumers with deadstock denim byproducts from fabric mills that we’re super excited about.



noSesso4.jpgNo Sesso


‘No Sessso’, Italian for ‘’no gender’’ is the LA fashion house founded by designer Pierre Davis. As the name implies, the designer’s manifesto is all about challenging the conventions of fashion by designing garments that go against stereotypical gender norms.

 The labels F/W 2021 collection reflected their voice for inclusivity through models of all shapes and sizes, wearing clothes that we believe, would make anyone who wears them, look powerful and confident.

We loved seeing garments, that were worn in a way that would typically go against ‘the social norm’. To quote the brand itself, they truly managed to make ‘nonconformity as beautiful and inclusive as it can be’!

The natural and rather dark colors of the collection were combined with a hint of brightness, possibly reflecting the turbulent year we just had as well as our reconciliation with nature.

Many of the garments just scream to reclaim ownership over our bodies despite the gender bias surrounding how we should dress.  The moment we realize that the way we dress our body is our choice, is the exact moment those stigmas lose their power and No Sesso truly succeeded in reflecting this through their collection.




Claudia Li

Claudia Li is a New York-based designer and womenswear brand that has garnered a cult following with her unique play on silhouettes, prints, colors, and textures. With her use of original prints and architectural silhouettes, each season, Li paints a story to express emotions and abstract experiences into a tangible collection for today’s independent women.


Claudia Li’s fall 2021 collection reflects on her experiences of “homecoming” from her high school days in Auckland, New Zealand. With the ongoing pandemic affecting large gatherings, it has put a halt to events worldwide, including those regarded as “rites of passage,” like the high school prom. Li draws from 1980s prom and high school nostalgia and incorporates her signature silhouettes for this collection.

Featuring bright pink, bold blue, some shimmer, and a checkered print; these looks offer a bold, dreamy, and nostalgic look. The embellishments to each design add a piece of beauty to each particular look– whether it is a matching shorts and shirt set or a full gown –the collection offers an indulgent take on a variety of styles.

Li’s approach to sustainability is by creating smaller amounts of high quality garments and refusing to look at anything –from fabric to creativity– as disposable.