One to Watch: Fashion Designer Alexander Acosta

When we scheduled our profile with Katini and Jordan we knew we wanted them wearing the designs of Alexander Acosta. Alexander specializes in incredible custom bomber jackets from deadstock material. For our profile however he pulled out his Chrysalis jacket for Katini and a white bomber for Jordan. Learn more about this American immigrant chasing his dream.

What’s your personal mantra?
To achieve your goals you need to work hard, nonstop.
I always find my light. Sometimes it seems very far, but in reality that light is closer than I can imagine.

When did you know you wanted to be a designer?
I wanted to be a designer since a very young age. I remember I designed the shirt I wore for my eighth birthday party. Since then I knew I would be a creator in some way. My mother is a crotchet master and embroidery master. I think my artisanal traits come from her –it runs in our genes. 

How did you become so passionate about sustainability?
I grew up in a very remote town in the Deep South of Dominican Republic and fabrics and resources were very limited. Since I was young my mother reused fabrics or adjusted pieces of clothing for us to wear.

To me being sustainable was natural because I grew up living in sustainability, I wore a lot of hand me downs and I enjoyed them like they were new. And sometimes I enjoy more when I know I have to fix something or redesign that piece.

What inspires you? 
Nature. The ocean and earth are a big part of my inspirations. I often refer to Monarch butterflies or the deep ocean. I love the stars.  I just love the universe…

Listen to Alexander tell his story in his own words below…

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