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3 Ways to Style a Grandma Vest with Katharine Faust

3 Days, 3 Ways with Katharine Faust / @funstyled

Name: Katharine Faust
Location: New Orleans, LA
Occupation: Restaurant Industry Professional

Style Advice: Play dress up! Set aside a good chunk of time every now and then to explore and experiment in your closet. Make sure you have good lighting. Nothing ruins a dress up session like poor lighting. I feel like a lot of people that aren’t confident in their style don’t take the time to do this.

Being creative takes curiosity and practice. If you take time to do this every now and then, finding your style and putting looks together daily becomes much easier and faster as you gain a mental inventory of your closet.

Style Icon:
I am a bit of a chameleon with my style so I draw inspiration from a lot of different places. First is my Mom- a sewist and DIYer before it was cool and she passed those talents on to me. She’s whipped up some pretty epic pieces for herself throughout the years and I can only hope to do the same. Some of my current faves on Instagram are Beth Jones @bjonesstyle, Karla Depina @KarlaDepina , Aaron Christopher @modern.boy.vintage and Jamie Maree Shipton @airtomyearth

Story behind garment or why you chose it for this:

A fabulously cheesy gold sweater vest. I thrifted this partly because it was a bit gaudy, and would make a good holiday piece. It also struck up a bit of nostalgia in me. I went to Catholic grade school and we had similar style navy vests as part of our uniform. But more fondly it reminds me of my grandmother’s attire, I feel like she might have donned the exact same vest during the holidays! I wanted to pick a piece that posed a bit of challenge for me for this feature. This vest fit the bill as I hadn’t really envisioned it working outside of grandmacore or a uniform.

Look One

This fit consists of a thrifted yellow ’70s tux shirt with me-made velvet knotted ribbon cufflinks, a lime green genuine leather mini skirt from poshmark, all topped with my gold sweater vest. Sam Edelman boots were purchased new last year. Rx Glasses are from Zenni Optical. I originally just thought the skirt and vest might make a funky combo on their own but I couldn’t resist layering here. Feels a little 60s gogo meets school girl. These are unusual colors for me but this fit felt so right!

Look Two

This is a perfect warm fall/winter day fit here in New Orleans as we average around 65-70F this time of year. I am really into the dress over pants trend and this dress is nice and airy for when the sun starts hitting you in the afternoon. Pants and vest add layers for warmth in frigid AC and I added a me-made and dyed collar for a little something extra. Everything is thrifted except for the collar and the boots are real leather from Zara. I know, I know, fast fashion! I do buy fast fashion here and there, most times its shoes due to affordability but I plan on having these boots around for a long time! This fit has a hungover and late for brunch/errand/meetup so I am making my nightgown work vibe.

Look Three

My unintentional holiday fit. I really just wanted to dress this vest up by wearing it as a shirt with some lux pants. I found these pristine wool plaid pants at a thrift store in Birmingham, AL for $4.00! I like to turn my nose up at fashion “rules”, so I mixed in silver accessories. A thrifted belt that happened to match the gold vest perfectly brought the look together. This fit is top of my list for holiday events but also for a cool weather work fit.

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