the anti-capitalist book of fashion

The Anti-Capitalist Book of Fashion

Tansy Hoskins wrote Stitched Up in 2014. The book was a fresh and radical take on fashion and capitalism, destruction and resistance, climate and land, billionaires and workers. It addressed … Read more


5 Signs of Greenwashing to Watch For

These days, greenwashed is the new black – here’s how to avoid buying into the trend Greenwashing – the practice of marketing a product to make it appear more eco-friendly … Read more


Fast Fashion Meets Sustainability?

As of late, the fast-fashion retailer Boohoo has made quite a storm amongst the masses. The UK-based brand, privy to partnerships with influencers and past Love Island contestants, has unveiled … Read more


Is Biocouture Fashion’s Next Big Thing?

In a true art meets science scenario, designers are teaming up with engineers and biochemists to drive the innovations we’re seeing in the textile game these days. The laboratory is the new atelier, the room where the magic (actually basic chemistry but to a non-science person like me it seems like magic) happens, the place where clothes get made – on every level.

tatiana Schloggberg inconspicuous consumption

5 Takeaways from Inconspicuous Consumption

In Inconspicuous Consumption: The Environmental Impact You Don’t Know You Have, Tatiana Schlossberg examines the hidden impacts that our fashion has on the environment. She writes about cashmere, blue jeans, … Read more