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5 Great Vegan Winter Boot Brands We Love

Woman walking through the snow in her vegan winter boots
We want our vegan winter boots to be warm and waterproof!

Winter isn’t over yet! Cold temperatures and snow days are still ahead. While “vegan” products often get a bad rep as just another way to say plastic, like anything else, quality counts. We’ve looked for boots that use things like recyclable rubber and nontoxic sealants. In essence the most planet and people friendly we could find. And ultimately as the saying goes, The most sustainable option is the one that you keep the longest. So whether you care if your boots are vegan or not, all of these are high quality and well constructed.

Here’s a list of brands that carry warm vegan boots to get you through the snow, ice and rain. And our favorite style from each.

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Kamik – Billie Winter Boot

A Kamik winter boot holds a legacy – a history that holds 120+ years dedicated to manufacturing quality footwear. The Canadian base, originally home to the Cook family, now holds over 400 employees holding the same values of sustainability.100% vegan friendly much of the brand’s inventory is built from durable recyclable rubber and specially treated with non toxic sealants and tapes to block moisture. Rest assured when wearing the Billie Boot incorporates these elements and has sustainable insulation and keeps you warm every step of the way. Kamik produces most of their vegan winter boots in North America and even has a rain boot recycling program.

Kamik Billie Boot

Xero Shoes, Alpine

When conceptualizing Xero Shoes, co founders Steven Sashen and Lena Phoenix designed the 3 Pillars of Natural. Central concepts of proper fit, motion, and feel wearing the perfect pair of shoes. With meaningful intentions around footwear, Xero is also able to center its focus on an environmentally intelligent design; with its minimal, no frills approach, the vegan Alpine require fewer materials and less energy to manufacture. Ready for hiking, snowshoeing, and more the shoe is backed with 5,000 mile sole warranty.

Xero Shoes vegan winter boot

Thesus, Weekend Boot

At the forefront of BIPOC woman owned Thesus is an elevated footwear brand with the People and Planet in mind. Aligned with the United Nations of Sustainable Development Goals the company’s products like the Weekend Boot are made while addressing issues such as climate change, ocean pollution, and economic inequalities. Simply put this means your new favorite pair of boots are constructed from recycled materials and natural rubber by staff and manufacturers receiving 100% living wage. With 11 color ways and comfort built in this shoe works for winter and everyday wear. If you are not a fan of using winter shoes during other seasons, you will need to use flexible crease protectors to keep the shape intact.

Thesus weekend boot is a great vegan winter boot

Hunter,Wanderer Insulated Vegan Shearling Short Snow Boots

Certified vegan, handmade, and waterproof. Enough said! Founded in 1856 the Hunter brand originates from British heritage with the intention of providing footwear for varied landscapes. Looking to protect the environment, Hunter boots rely solely on recycled materials and natural rubber responsibly sourced from forests. By 2023 the company is set to sign up for the Science Based Target Initiatives which ensures full accountability and transparency with emissions reduction as products, like the Intrepid Insulated Short Vegan Snow Boot, are made.

Hunter waterproof vegan winter boot

Will’s Vegan Store, WV Sport Snow Boots

For Will’s Vegan store, style and being winter ready go hand in hand. Founded by Will Green the brand prides itself on being always and forever vegan, utilizing recycled materials and bio-based ingredients from eucalyptus trees and other plants. It’s also reassuring to know the company is certified carbon neutral, meaning there’s no net release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Sleek and sophisticated vegan snow boots with a beautiful wool collar detail are waiting for you.

Will's vegan store vegan boots

–Kennedy Smith

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