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Styling a tartan midi skirt with @stylingismymedicine

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Name: Lucy
Location: Leeds, UK

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My best style formula is always always juxtaposition. I love putting things together that are unexpected or shouldn’t work, that maybe clash in era or occasion etc. I’m more towards a maximalist yet always with what I call a ‘coordinated clash’. My colour palette will coordinate whether that’s in the juxtaposed pieces or the pattern clash. I’m a sucker for mixing patterns that have an exact colour-match, it just satisfies my soul!

Style IconS

Style icons: FRUiTS magazine archives and NYC/Hel looks
From left: FRUiTS mag archive, 1999; @nyc_looks

Streetstyle is my icon! On the street, anyone from whatever background with whatever budget can be a style icon. It doesn’t matter if you’re not invited into the runway shows at fashion week, outside the show is a catwalk and it’s often more creative! I’m a chameleon with my personal style and so my Pinterest is filled with boards of streetstyle which are an endless source of inspiration for me. My favourite is FRUiTS magazine and NYC/Hel Looks.

close-up tartan midi-skirt


There’s no particular story other than I’m obsessed with vintage tartan! I have many variations of this skirt… and blazers and dresses…You name it, I will probably own one in tartan! I wear midi skirts as a wardrobe staple, how someone may wear jeans for example, so I chose this to show how they can be just as versatile but (imo) a whole lot more interesting. You’ll very rarely see me in jeans!

Look One

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Inherently a pleated skirt can give off a school uniform vibe, so I wanted to play on that idea yet add in a leather harness and chain belt as the juxtaposition. The colours in the vintage blouse coordinate perfectly with the skirt colours and then platform mary-janes and knee socks brought the look back on theme. I personally would wear this look anytime, yet the velvet hair bow and pearl-embellished tie intended to create an evening feel.

Look Two

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Possibly my favourite look of the three! I love the juxtaposition of the Adidas sportswear with the wool tartan skirt. Again, the magenta track jacket was very satisfyingly colour-coordinated as were the socks, and then a formal 90s heel and chic faux fur hat juxtapose the sportswear further. You can never have enough chunky gold jewellery, plus big hoop earrings were the finishing touch to give it a streetstyle edge.

Look Three

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‘Skirt over trousers’ styling (circa early 2000s) has made a much more tasteful comeback this year, so because I have a heavy dislike of jeans on their own/in general, I chose to layer these vintage Levi’s under the midi skirt. Silhouettes are another style formula I follow, and admittedly I do love the a-line skirt combined with the wide leg jeans against the fitted waist, so you may see me in jeans after all! Side note: this is a head-to-toe secondhand outfit.

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