Stuart Trevor LFW: Sustainable clothes handcrafted in London for a modern rock and roll self-expression of cool

I want to make sustainable fashion fun. As Vivian Westwood said, people that wear interesting clothes have an interesting life, which I always believe in. So that’s why I don’t really do boring clothes. –Stuart Trevor

–by Zara Korutz

The buzz of London Fashion Week is penetrating the city known for its punk rock music scene and subcultural manifesto style aesthetic. Fashion veteran Stuart Trevor, former head of menswear design at Reiss and co-founder of Bolongaro Trevor and AllSaints, made camp at The Academy of Beauty and Culture in Hoxton, East London for the launch of his eponymous brand. The two-story creative studio space showcased Stuart Trevor clothes made from upcycled garments and deadstock fabrics.  The launch presentation included clothes hanging from the ceiling as models were photographed by Tim Kent.

Stuart Trevor Clothes. Image: Scott Bushnell

Trevor, who has been collecting vintage clothes for years, has a cult following. His response to the overwhelming demand for more fashion designs is a clothing company that doesn’t produce new manufactured clothes. “The last thing the world needs is another clothing company” said Trevor.  His new line is a positive reaction to the capitalistic overproduction and waste by-products from the global trillion plus-dollar fashion industry. Trevor’s goal is clear— to keep clothes from ending up in the global mountains of landfills.

Stuart Trevor is committed to sourcing organic fabrics, natural cotton, wool, and linen. “It’s all about longevity” said the designer, “So everything we do is handcrafted with care and love, and there’s a lot of thought goes into it.”  A custom 1920’s tailor inspired clothing tag found on a military infused lace garment top functions as the garment’s timestamp. The custom label says Stuart Trevor, handcrafted in London, limited edition and includes the handwritten provenance of the garment.

Stuart Trevor represents a new era in fashion that reflects the designer’s long-standing design influence with music.  The brand vibe is a modern day youthquake movement for all ages, with social and environmental accountability at the heart of the one-off pieces of clothing. Stuart Trevor is a badass meets good-for the planet clothing line made for people who courageously beat to their own drum.

Stuart Trevor dressing a model with photographer Tim Kent. Image: Scott Bushnell