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Aaron Potts’ Spring 24 collection, entitled URBANEARTH, unfolded like a vibrant ode to the bustling cityscape, where the urban met the organic, and the result was nothing short of mesmerizing.

“I wanted to connect the urban vibe of New York City with the feeling of something natural. I had this picture in my head of walking down the street – grimy, urban, cracks in the pavement, but then you see that little sprig of green coming up? I wanted to capture that emotional moment.” Aaron shared with us.

With clean, crisp lines and a graphic aesthetic, the collection exuded a refreshing, natural feel. The color palette was anchored in black, white, and indigo and offset by both neutral and vibrant hues, including a rich mustard and a metallic gold that elevated everything it touched. We’re particularly enchanted by the gold trench coat.

Within this joyful sartorial landscape, Aaron’s signature jumpsuits and drop-crotch pants returned, faithful to the designer’s established language of form and function. With their unapologetic nods to utility and comfort, these iconic silhouettes echoed what Aaron describes as “WERK-WEAR.”

New this season were the additions of more body-conscious styles. This was a welcome juxtaposition that lent a graceful twist to his aesthetic lexicon.

Throughout, an unmistakable sense of modernity, and an upbeat spirit infused each creation. Aaron has masterfully curated a visual language that celebrates the fusion of city life and natural beauty in a way that feels simultaneously timeless and avant-garde.

The looks were paired with footwear from Andre Assous and Dr. Martens. Other accessories included Kimeze eyewear and jewelry by Eva Thora Art. Makeup was provided by Augment and hair by Oribe.

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