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Tara Babylon SS24 – A Pastel Wonderland

group shot of models in pastel sustainabl fashion of Tara Babylon

What I was first struck by when I entered Tara Babylon’s SS24 presentation was the color. Pale pastels –pink, yellow, mint green– I couldn’t help but think of colorful mini-marshmallows! This super sweet palette was balanced out by the body-con silhouettes that somehow read both ethereal and sexy.

Each garment is not only soft to the touch but also visually captivating, creating a world that is uniquely and unmistakably Tara Babylon.

What also sets Tara’s collection apart is her unwavering commitment to sustainability. Her signature techniques, such as safety-pin crochet, embroidery, t-shirt recycling, and braiding, are woven into the fabric of this collection. But the infusion of sustainable practices doesn’t compromise on style; instead, it enhances the overall appeal of her creations.

While the collection does contain what they describe as “quintessential summer pieces” (see bikini for example) the standout for us is the woven dress laced up the side. With a floral applique running along the edge and worn with a matching balaclava, we can see it as perfect for a celebrity like Doja Cat or Olivia Rodrigo. (Balaclava optional!)

Tara Babylon SS24 woven dresses

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