Ethical Bling! Jewelry Worth Gifting

Jewelry can be a hard gift to give but we hope to make it easier by sharing with you a few pieces from jewelers who put ethics and sustainability first. –But they’re also bold, beautiful and make a statement. Just like you!

Donating to a Thrift Store? Read this First

Donating to a Thrift Store? Read this First

My litmus test is “Is it in a condition that I would feel okay to give it to a friend?”. If not, I’m not giving it away at all because it increases the chance of it being put in some other countries landfill.

Our Favorite Fashion Influencers You Need To Know

The women featured here range from students to CEOs and are vastly different in how they’re approaching the fashion industry but they’re all innovative and worth watching as we all continue to invent the future of fashion together.

vintage shoppers pose

6 tips for vintage shopping

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Victoria Beckham X Woolmark Company

<img src=”” alt=”” /> TLDR Okay confession: Posh Spice was my favorite. Even though she never, ever smiled. Next confession: that didn’t stop me from rolling my eyes when former … Read more