Mara Hoffman Fall 2020


Mara Hoffman so chic it’s sick

Mara Hoffman created a collection that is so chic it’s sick. We love the relaxed ease of the trousers, the limited color palette and the sculptural and exaggerated sleeves. While the lilac wool suit (made from recycled cut-offs) was a standout we’re definitely eyeing the black coat for our next “investment” piece. Mara Hoffman is considered one of the OGs of conscious fashion and she recognizes that it’s about more than sourcing fabrics -although that’s part of it– it’s also about people. To that end she has partnered with Custom Collaborative an entrepreneurship and workforce development program, founded by Ngozi Okaro, that trains and supports women from low-income and immigrant communities to launch fashion careers and businesses. Women from this program have been part of her production team as part of the One x One Design Initiative. Just another way Mara Hoffman is showing the industry how things can be done.