Unveiling SS24 NYFW Arcadia Fashion Event

Dundu.n’s Experimental Fashion Extravaganza

It’s time to relive the electrifying vibes that surrounded the Dundu.n International’s SS24 NYFW Arcadia Presentation Event. Leading the charge in this sartorial revolution is Dundu.n International, the avant-garde fashion event producer. Their collaboration with six next gen fashion and jewelry designers resulted in the SS24 NYFW Arcadia Presentation Event, a convergence of chic and Gen-Z aesthetics.

The SS24 NYFW Arcadia Presentation Event was far from your ordinary fashion show; it was a voyage into the future of fashion. The true magic of the event was the opportunity to connect with the minds behind these brands. Designers didn’t just showcase their creations; they opened the doors to their artistry through immersive installations. Each designer wove the theme of Arcadia into their presentation, creating lush and captivating environments akin to a sartorial wonderland.

The Designers and Their Dreamscapes

Jenny Xiao-Birdie

In the world of haute couture, Jenny Xiao’s “Birdie” newest collection stood out. Inspired by her deep connection to golf, visitors were not mere spectators; they engaged intimately with mini-golf settings while immersing themselves in the whimsical world of her creations. It was a fusion of elegance and leisure, where fashion danced to a different, more playful beat.


Designer Pearl’s studio offered an art haven, where visitors witnessed the intricate craftsmanship behind every creation. Genuine leather jackets, carried exclusive designs and deeply personal messages. It was a marriage of fashion and artistry that left an indelible mark.

Maison de Hoe – One by the Land, Two by the Women

Designer VV Hanwei Su’s Maison de Hoe was a powerful voice in sustainable fashion, where contemporary Chinese grunge culture intertwined seamlessly with feminine strength. At the NYFW Arcadia Presentation Event, visitors were transported to a vintage French urban village. The experience encapsulated the essence of Maison de Hoe—where fashion, culture, and unparalleled style converged.

The Scarab Lab

Deanna Kennedy’s Scarab Lab f also explored sustainability and craftsmanship. Her presentation, a form of performance art, showcased diverse materials sourced meticulously for her creations. It was a testament to pushing the boundaries of fashion, each of the pieces resonated with heart and soul.

Dopl World – Imagine a Place Out of Time, a Universe Far Beyond Our Own

Dopl World beckoned fashion enthusiasts into a mesmerizing alternate reality, drawing inspiration from the opulent Rococo period. A world where the boundaries between fashion and artistry melted away like a wisp of ethereal smoke. Every garment and accessory was a narrative of grandeur and elegance, an embodiment of technique transcending traditional boundaries. It was a journey where style whispered secrets of bygone eras.

Amihan New York – Wear the Change, Be the Change

Amihan’s capsule wardrobe celebrated empowerment in every stitch and seam. Nestled within the confines of a chic living room and showroom, it radiated pure style. Designer Nadz crafted pieces embodying the brand’s philosophy of embracing change while enabling the feminine figure. As visitors moved through this space, they couldn’t help but feel fashion’s ability to inspire. 

Experimental Fashion

At its essence, the SS24 NYFW Arcadia Presentation Event sees fashion as an art form; seamlessly melding innovative techniques, and artistry, prompting attendees to fully embrace the intricate and limitless creativity that defined each designer’s signature style. Continuing our journey, we discovered an immersive space conceived by the NY-based fashion tech innovators at Reverie Complex. This visionary team expertly crafted a visually captivating “Arcadia,” fusing it with the fashion brand Double Fable to create an interactive playground. This event was a thrilling departure from the norm, offering an unforgettable Fashion Week experience. It was an opportunity to immerse oneself in a world where design defied limits, and artistry reigned supreme.

As the fashion world moves forward, the echoes of this event will continue to inspire designers, fashion enthusiasts, and Gen-Z trendsetters.

Creative Director/ Curator: Jiajia Wang
Visual Director: Anna Zhang
Public Relations: Dundu.n team
Audio Visual Installation: reverie complex 
Logo Visual: Yinan Chen
Photography: Zhen Yuan,Ruiyi Yang,Qijia Li