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Street Style Looks Inspired By The ‘70s To Shop

Welcome to the infamous retro-boho era. Both, the ’60s and ’70s, were recognized for celebrating self-expression. But if something stands out from the ‘70s, it’s the optimistic energy and carefree outfits. After months at home, it’s time for people to embrace and express themselves through fashion; just like they used to do back then.

If you can’t find treasures in your family’s closet, consider buying vintage for unique pieces. And don’t forget to look at the  ’60s edition.



Groovy Prints

Loud and groovy patterns were much loved in the seventies. Similar to the ‘60s psychedelia, but with a twist. The contrasting shades, wavy prints and geometric patterns are strongly connected to disco. This trend recently went viral thanks to Tik-Tokers. Brands such as The Ragged Priest and House of Sunny, stand out among fashion influencers. Here’s a groovy wiggle dress for a stunning look.


Patchwork aesthetic is the new obsession of youth and maximalism is  king. From jeans to knitwear, the idea of reconstruction is stepping strong, and it may be thanks to a more sustainable mindset among consumers. Long ago, quilted patchwork was the solution for the shortage of materials. Yet, the modern one mixes design with reusable materials into fashionable items, usually obtaining unique results. Choose this colorful patchwork suede skirt if you’re looking for a singular piece.

They Call Me Mellow Yellow…

From Gucci to Saint Laurent, and many celebrities, we can see this color coming on strong. These extra sunnies looks good on every skin tone! The magic of accessories is that sometimes a tiny detail can complete your outfit and make you outstanding. If you want a yellow-tinted aviator-like shade like the ones from Tom Ford, these classic aviator sunglasses will be ideal for you.


Yellow and Brown Color Styling

When talking about the hippie movement from this decade, we can’t help but think in a yellow, orange and brown palette. The flower power style from the 60s became overshadowed by the 70s folk’s influence, based more on earth tones.

Yellow turned out to be NYFW’s biggest color trend from 2021. Wearing yellow is making a statement. A sunny detail can make your outfit memorable; and if it’s close to the face, it gives your skin radiance and vitality. Yellow is usually connected to happiness and strong energy. It is also associated with optimism, a quality that was much more enhanced after the pandemic. For a stylish summer outfit, pick a bright sunshine yellow coat and a high-waisted linen skirt underneath.


The streets have already mastered this color: Brown is the new black. It’s its first significant appearance in fashion since the 70s hit. In all of its shades, this once-forgotten tone emerged as the new fastest-growing color in womenswear. Brown transmits feelings of wholesomeness, coziness and warmth. It reminds people of being outside, a comforting feeling since the events from last year. A poppy retro shirt, a hippie-like tassel suede mini skirt and a faux fur shearling coat to give your outfit a pinch of refinement.


Flared Pants

Forget the skinny jeans: this retro-inspired trousers trend is stepping strong! From yoga to denim pants, this cut can adapt to any style. Many times confused with the wide-leg, the flared pants present a more curvy silhouette. It cuts closer in the thigh and then expands itself in a profound flare under the knee. The famed bell-bottoms already existed in the ‘60s, but they became an iconic signature of this decade, symbolizing liberation and disco culture. Plaid or plain, join the celebrities and wear the flared of your preference.


Modern Folk

This style was originated with the hippie movement and is inspired by different roots, traditonal cultural dress and a love for nature. Its rich handcrafted fabrics are characterized by their embroidery, patchwork, paisley and floral prints. This SS21, Chloé, Gucci and Etro have bet on this eclectic, colorful, and free-spirited style. This intricate folk-inspired paisley midi dress could be the key to pop up in your outfit.



The power suit is back. With the entrance of women into the business world, the need to dress for success was imminent. A menswear-inspired suit that promoted a gender-blending role. Nevertheless, they were present in a huge variety of rich colors and often softened with silk blouses. Nowadays, suits are not limited to business; their flattering silhouette makes for chic lunch dates or a night out. If you want a sophisticated but edgy look, show off this white and red pantsuit set.


Crochet Knit

A strong comeback from the hippie era. Thanks to lockdown, the rise in handmade and DIY fashion renewed the interest in crochet. Even Harry Styles’ patchwork knit sweater by JW Anderson made a great impact in TikTok. Many bright colors, playful textures, and experimental prints were seen in Louis Vuitton and Bottega Veneta. Crochet knits can be layered or worn on their own. Rock on this delicate pastel granny square top, one of the trendiest patterns of the moment.

Sweater Vest


Back then, vests were in all types of fabrics and shapes. Almost every outfit needed some kind of sleeveless vest. This grandpa-inspired trend is still going strong for spring. They’ve been popular since 2020 thanks to the reminiscing from luxury fashion houses such as Prada, Gucci and Dior. Knitted vests are the must-have on our wardrobes, like this classic argyle sweater vest. Colorful and with funny patterns, they can turn up any basic outfit. Lots of them are beautifully handmade, offering original designs.


Wide Leg Jeans

Comfort and style altogether. Beyond existing a long time before the 70s, it wasn’t until then that these countercultural trousers went mainstream.

Nowadays, skinny jeans have been (finally!) put on hold and overshadowed by the wide-leg. Houses like Chanel and Gucci presented formal options on this season’s runway, while the streets kept more sporty styles. An original James Jean, with a high waist and wide-leg cut, could be the ideal choice to rock the denim of the moment.



The art of making your fabric a canvas. Back then, tie-dye was a protest art against the Vietnam war and the status quo. Every decade it renews itself and now is back with the comfy trends of the moment. Nevertheless, we could appreciate tie-dye in luxury brands collections like Dior. On Tik Tok, you can even find a lot of challenges to create your own designs. But if you’re a lazy person, here’s a delicate vintage slip dress already tie-dyed for you.



Get on your dancing shoes for a hedonistic night! Back then, dressing for a discotheque was the opportunity to express your personality. People lived for loud colors and a ton of sparkle, and fashion became more genderless. Disco fever is heating up this season. The fashion runway offered us a vast variety of textiles, from Balmain and Marrant’s sparkly glitter outfits to Saint Laurent and Celine’s shiny metallic sequins. For a glamorous night out, wear these high-waisted silver lurex disco pants and pair them with a silver blouse for a monochrome set.

–Nazarena Correia


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