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As the first COVID19 epicentre in the US, a lot of people worried the pandemic’s impacts would have long-lasting effects on New York City’s lifeblood and culture – that the electric energy that makes New York New York would be difficult to reclaim. But as the city has opened up again, we’re relieved to find that the defeatists’ doubts were in vain. What makes New York what it is is the the people doing the things. This year’s MADE NYC is confirmation that the city is as magical as it ever was.

Don’t Shop. Swap!

Don’t Shop. Swap!

5 Clothing Swap Options to Help Your Wardrobe and The Planet A lot of us believe thrifting is the solution to mindless over consumption. What a lot of us don’t … Read more

Our Favorite Fashion Influencers You Need To Know

The women featured here range from students to CEOs and are vastly different in how they’re approaching the fashion industry but they’re all innovative and worth watching as we all continue to invent the future of fashion together.

In conversation with journalist + fashion activist Elizabeth Cline

Elizabeth Cline recently sat down with me for a very extensive Zoom conversation about where the fashion industry is and where it needs to be –among other things. Bucking the “sound bites only” trend we’re publishing it en toto. Do yourself a favor and don’t do a TL:DR.

An interview with SustainableBK

<img src=”” alt=”Dominique Drakeford + Whitney McGuire – Talk Sustainable Brooklyn, Putting Yourself First &amp; Divine Interventions” loading=”lazy”/> Dominique Drakeford + Whitney McGuire Talk Sustainable Brooklyn, Putting Yourself First & … Read more